• hairycary

    I am having some problems with my Denon MC2000 and dj intro. I have tried it on two different computers and the results are the same….skipping drop outs and refusal to load….when I try Virtual DJ it works fine on both computers and the MC2000..it leads me to believe it is the software. Serato needs to address this.

  • And I just got Traktor properly mapped to my MX Pro, which took endless hours of wondering what the hell were the people who posted that mapping in TraktorBible thinking when the play button was not working and the hotcues, while working, toggled the goddamn EQ kills that I wanted to get rid of…


    lol at anyone who pays $200 for software to worth with a mixtrack pro. step up your game.

    • MOB CAT

      work with*

    • yeah, I have a mixtrack pro and im better off saving for a timecode setup or a S4 than paying for fancy software, when DJ Intro and Traktor work perfectly well.

  • scooterADAM

    hi res jog wheels all round.

    your move NI…

  • Are they really expecting people to shell out 200$ to upgrade a software that was previously free with their already expensive controllers? and since those controllers were made for Itch, will they not be outdated and only able to control the software partially? who makes these shady business propositions?

    • Escalaid

      Isn’t the upgrade for Itch controllers for free?

  • Anonymous

    $515 for an MC2000 and Serato DJ.
    $415 for an MC3000 and Traktor Pro…

    • Sambo

      Two sub par products for more than the par. Sounds like a bargain!