• Could this be mapped with traktor ?
    I am interrested in a review.

  • Could this be mapped with traktor ?
    I am interrested in a review.

  • is there any good reason you should buy this over a MX Pro or one of those low costing Vestaxes? If it works with iPad then it may be worth it, but theres still the iDJ Pro which is meant for the iPad.

  • Killian Carlsen

    The first time I saw one of these was in a music shop here in Japan, and i got my hands on it for a few minutes. it actually felt really good. much better than some of the other budget controllers i’ve played with.

    i didn’t know the price at the time, and actually expected it to be a little more expensive.

    Now that it’s supporting DJAY as well (and if they support for ios too) i think it is probably the best option for people looking at this price bracket, and blows away the Vestax spin series in terms of build quality.

    Please do a review if possible! 🙂

  • Guest

    algoriddim djay does work on an iPad so this is probably the most compatible feature filled dj setup that will have constant development with low overhead

  • sebastien Belle

    Lot’s of Pioneer Product this moment… mmm… I try but Pioneer and serato sounds a little beat like Vador and Death star… tin tin tin, ta ta ta… 🙂

  • LoopCat

    That’s really cool! It would be awesome for travelling or lounge room mixing

  • If this works with an iPad then it’s a game changer- the price is pretty reasonable for a Pioneer product.

    • Gábor

      Just map it to DJ Player in 30 minutes, and you have your new game! 🙂