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Serato DJ Updated To 1.1.1, Reloop Terminal Mix Support

Yet another upgrade for Serato Audio Research’s new DJ software, this time to version 1.1.1, quickly following the most recent update on December 3rd. The new update is abbreviated to just adding support for two more Serato DJ Intro controllers, the Reloop Terminal Mix 2 and Terminal Mix 4.

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Owners of these controllers are able to upgrade to Serato DJ 1.1.1 by purchasing a license for $199, which will include a bundled license for Serato Video as well – but if you don’t care about video, solo upgrades are also available for $129.

More Serato DJ Intro controllers will be supported over the next few months, with ITCH controllers getting support starting in the Spring of 2013.

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  • campark43

    Just want to vent, I’m looking to upgrade my equipment, and am a traktor PrO user, have bought equipment and software at high prices compared to today.

    I want the vci 400 but as I enjoy throwing down some scratching as I mix, where is the hid support for the jogs? Vci 400 has better scratch ability with sera to DJ. Basically NI forcing us to consider their pos controllers with hid.

    I’m ready to jump ship. Sera to fj looks sweet, if I do t see changes I’m gonna jump ship. I’m a pretty average guy so I’m sure millions of others r thinking exactly the same.

    F traktor if they want to b like apple, at least apple gives you quality hardware not shit.t on a stick for a g note.

    The revolution has begun, fix it or sink f.uckers

  • I must say that I am more than bleak with the service from Serato. I paid for my upgrade today. Downloaded the installer/dmg file. put it own my mac and it’s asking me for a serial number, which I have not received and is not present under my profile in the products section of my profile, or i must pay for it again!!!!! WTF

  • Does the terminal mix 2 even exist? I can’t find it in any stores or online.

  • peet

    Lol, it’s funny to read the comments in Reloop TM4 review where people objected to author’s statement/prediction when he stated: “I have the strong suspicion that it will become an Itch-certified controller shortly after its release in May.” Well… 🙂

  • campark43