• Hi, it works on a vestax pcm-280 mixer ? (knob and fader) Thnks

  • Congrats to the winners!

  • lapinfuu

    /suicide … ordered like 30 knobs and 9 faders from switzerland 1 day ago…

  • Pff 🙁 better luck next time I guess

    gratz to the winners btw.

  • DJ_ForcedHand

    OH MY GOD YES! I suppose it would be asking too much to have different colored glow in the dark knobs and sliders now wouldn’t it? I personally like Red, Orange, Yellow and Green but Blue is good too. I often work in low-light conditions and my controller is below the computer so grabbing a black knob on a black controller isn’t the best visual feedback.

    Thank you for making these… when you make the knobs I’ll order the whole kit.

  • good evening how long it takes to arrive in Brazil rio de janeiro

  • What? Glow in the dark is only available for faders? And not the rest of the knobs? Thats bullshit!

  • Steve

    Congrats to the winners, but could the quotes be any more similar? Need some parody here……

  • MKS

    Please: crate good fader knob for my rane 57. I break 4 orginal knob. They suck! :/

    • tn

      And all djm products as well plz

  • Happy times! Now how do I get ’em?

    • :()

      so euhm if you hate a color pack feel free to send it to me 😀

  • dissapointing winners

    yea! those two were so funny…not
    google: best matrix quotes

    oh! let me turn the word spoon into pitch and change the second line…..

    and I really don’t understand how the hell David halford got 75ups.. did he cheat?
    because man he should’ve been last place..

    Oh and great job to whoever chose them… I bet you didn’t even read all 400+ comments but meh that’s your choice..

  • Boring

    Winning comments were pretty lame / predictable. Just my opinion.

    • Spacecamp

      You’re well entitled to it – we (the DJTT staff) voted on the winners and these were the top two. Guess it’s good it’s not ComedyTechTools.com?

      • Boring 2

        Out of 350+ comments, those were the top 2 ? :p

        it must be a humorless commmunity then,
        or you guys got some bad sense of humour :))

        btw when’s the next contest?
        and will there come some kind of substitute for the midifighter classic OR

        will it only be: PRO and 3D for now?

  • Boring

    Winning comments were pretty lame and predictable. Just my opinion.

  • ChromaCapsFan

    how do we on/off them, how much hours its seems to be working, or something like that, give an information or clip, it will be nice

  • Why no glow-in-the-dark knobs?

  • I know theyre the same size as the others but do they fit on akai mpd’s (mpd26, mpd24, apc20,ect)

    • dada

      go to the chroma cap thing in the store and there is a fitting guide. APC is listed for sure

    • where are the APC caps??!!

      for some strange reason, they don’t make chroma caps to fit the APC’s…sigh…neither pots nor pans. i use *one* on my master pan – it’s huge and clunky – just what i need to recognize that’s the master channel – lol

  • Will they ship to the uk?