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Gramatik Interview | Production Tools and Performing Live

Slovenian-born and Brooklyn-based producer Gramatik has been a musician since elementary school – but only in the past few years has he received global recognition for his production work on Pretty Lights Music label. In this interview, learn more about the tools he uses in the studio, onstage, and how he combines live instruments into the mix during shows. Watch the full thing inside!

Worth noting is another one of Gramatik’s more interesting projects since this interview was filmed is teaming up with fellow producer GRiZ to form GRiZmatic. Check out this pretty awesome onstage footage of the duo in action – even more great behind-the-booth peaks at gear and equipment in this video.

Additionally, if you’re into Gramatik’s music, feel free to support him by checking him out on Beatport to listen and learn more.

Here’s the main track from the video:

Want to ask Gramatik even more questions about his production and live performance setup? Try him on Twitter, @Gramatik

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  • DJ RB0t

    Nice interview, does skylight sound like pretty lights to anyone else?

  • BLNT

    Thanks DJTT for the Gramatik interview, he is definately a favorite of mine.

    There is lots of his music on The Pretty Lights Label which is pay what you like. It can be free if you’re broke. Check it out cos the other artists on that label are dope too

  • DJ SB

    Those sunglasses are cool.

  • proud to be a slovenian! 😀

  • Thanks for this. Gramatik is def one of my faves. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one.

    Big up DJTT! This is promising for the new year.

  • Definitely one of my favourite producers. He is mad talented and his pairing with Griz is a genius partnership Nice interview guys

  • I feel like I’ve been living under a rock. I am so sorry that I had never heard of Gramatik before today, but that’s why I come to sites like this and do my reading. I am always learning from everyone. Thanks for the great interviews (DJTT), and thank you community for the informative comments.
    I am on my way to catch up on this cat (Gramatik).
    Thanks again.

  • I stumbled across Dungeon Sound on youtube a couple years ago. It only had a few thousand views at the time. I thought to myself then.. ” This guy is sick. How are there so many cookie cutter acts with a bazillion views, and this guy has like 4,900?”

    Gramatik is legit.

  • One of the best, if not the best artist out.

  • Us Slovenians are proud of him 🙂

  • I think we can safely say he falls under the downtempo category. Well I guess he had that one dubstep’esque EP. Either way, he seems to really hate genres. If you follow hiim on sound cloud you’ll see what I mean.

  • Everything about this is excellent. Gramatik, an interview with Gramatik, DJ TechTools. Seriously, it’s like you guys read my Christmas list.

  • thumbs up on having gramatik!

  • Georgie

    Really enjoyed this interview Super informative and guy seems very humble; Nice job and keep them coming DJTT.

  • Dan S.

    Wise words from one of my favorite producers!.. Yea Gramatik!

  • Very Positive Music.
    True about that every next song you do is better and better

  • I listen to “The Uprising” off of his No Shortcuts album practically every morning. Gramatik is one of my favorite producers regardless of genre, so it was cool to get even a little insight as to how he creates.

    These artist interviews are always fresh. We’re in the first week of 2013 and DJTT is already delivering. Not really EDM based, but an interview with Lack of Afro would be awesome.

  • great interview!
    i definitely agree with him that if you know how you want your music to sound and you,re doing everything else yourself, why not master it yourself? i’ve taken this path and couldn’t be more satisfied at the outcome 🙂

    • Kaitain

      I think he also hints that you can’t often be totally objective about your own music, so sending it to a be mastered by a mastering pro is pretty sensible too. If you trust the skills of the engineer, wether it’s yourself or someone else, either method can work.