• #rant

    I really hope this has actual buttons with a tactile response unlike those of the QuNeo. At that point it just becomes a less configurable iPad.

  • definitely interested in this. I’ve been eyeballing some livid controllers for a bit now, trying to figure out if one will fit into my setup. but i’ve been down the touch controller road before with the Stanton SCS series and it was pretty sketchy. Hopefully Livid does it better.

  • John

    Can you ask them when/where I can go check this out at NAMM?

  • Anonymous

    Can you ask Livid when their mapping software is going to allow more than one MIDI message per controller? Are they ever going to jump on the “Smart Fader” train or are their users forever going to be using software remappers? Plus, how are they doing feedback through the lights – do they have patterns as well as just colors?