• Cristian Carvajal

    It could be work better on Serato…

  • better pictures and some hands on descriptions.

  • UGH

    We got video! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dc0oT4Eg-Mw It’s real 🙂 And A another video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T200F7b0k1Q 🙂

  • wardtf

    GOOD+ Long pitch fader
    + Big drumpads / hot-cues
    + Full 4-channel mixer with filter!
    + Smart crossfader position buttons
    + Big wheels

    – FX section
    – Autoloop

    • UGH

      Looks to be a full blown FX section actually, as well as manual and auto loop and sample banks with nav. Also independent channel trim/gain u/v and filters! The mockup is blurry, but i’m makin out the writing on the wall and if they follow through Gemini might just get serious in the game.

  • wardtf

    So… does this thing has a crossfader??

    • UGH

      yeah bro.. This is a mockup photo. I seen a copy of this photo elsewhere and it’s ‘fuller’ and the x-fader is *nearly* the same width as the up faders. Gemini ain’t new to the game, but they been having a hard time ‘getting it right’ for a long time keeping up with others. I’m kind of excited to see this and hope it’s successful.

      • UGH

        Maybe this image will better suit DJTT’s compressed version?

        • wardtf

          Hey DJTT staff, replace the image!

      • wardtf

        It was a joke..

        • UGH

          Then make it funny next time 😛

  • Loco

    I don’t understand why these guys don’t hire a decent designer, just because it’s a gemini doesn’t mean you have to have horrible designs(or does it?), its all about the details…

    • point in case……Gemini DJ in a box. comes with all the gear you dont want to start failing @ djing. they just want your money in their pocket. capitalize on the DJ craze and make very poor quality products.

  • Uh? Where are the cue and play buttons?

    • wardtf

      look in the comments, there is a better picture..

  • So basically it’s a “Performance Pad” controller for VDJ

    • DeVill

      ddjt has a better rendering, has all play, cue, cup, sync.

  • dont even need to see it in person to know its gonna break / sound like shit / fader crackle

    • john

      like the idea, doubtful of the execution