• ben

    Im a disabled dj who has purchased this kit let me tell you it is a living nightmare to keep clean really really hard and because of the mirrored surface you have to be soooo carful I asked pioneer for help but no joy 🙁

  • So nearly US$10,000. No thanks. I’d use it if I was given one, but you can get something that will do most the most important aspects of what that system can for less than 1/20th the price… and not have something with autosyncing installed that every rich twit without any practice can use now.

  • Gowstpop

    Sorry i don’t get it???
    How being Ripped by pioneer for a outdated CD player will ever be worth it.
    I’ll stick to my controller for a fraction of the price.

  • $@LT

    homey fucking killed it, big ups player!

  • 32digits

    It’s really ugly.. nothing more nothing less

  • Yawn…

  • DJ_Mamaburra

    I want this same hardware in Zebra prints with a hint of leopard…LOL…

  • great demo. i think i still have the record by LFO that used a similar vocoded sample using lfo.

  • Jordan Reifkind

    you should make chrome chroma caps!

  • Owen

    They would look really good in a strip club

  • That performance was as awesome as this chrome hardware is idiotic.

  • KIO

    Why would Pioneer have to pioneer anything? The Technics turntable was on the market for about 25 years and they only ever made a Mk II once, I think. No one was complaining about it never getting upgraded. In fact, every DJ wanted to have exactly that turntable. IMHO Pionneer has put a great product on the market in the past 15 years, gave it a few necessary updates and they should keep doing that.

  • Pioneer keeps getting me excited with these teasers and then disappointing me when they announce what it actually is.

  • pioneers of?

    • sambo

      Releasing a new colour with a bloated price tag like they’re giving the fans what they want, obviously.

  • boarderbas

    “Shit! NAMM is coming up and we forgot todevelop nuw stuff!”
    -“Boss, we are running out of paint!”

    …”Whell, I was back in the factory this morning and those unpainted units didn’t look half bad. Let’s sell them!”

    • spike

      an unpainted unit is the original black.

  • whens the pink one coming out…