• jane doe

    basically, if youre in the market for a sub-$100 mini-controller, there really is no other choice. such a sick little piece of kit–

    *(not at all affiliated with arturia either, just super stoked on a recent purchase/discovery haha)

  • Dave

    Take my money ! Where can i buy it ? When they release it ?

  • like the wood on the sides of the minilab makes it look like it’s worth more lol

  • That keyboard looks amazing, and at a great price too

  • Anonymous

    That MiniLab is talking sweet and sexy in my ear.

  • Jade

    Damn might sell my 25 key Arturia and pick up this one!

    • RockingClub

      Seriously? I don’t think it would be worth it…

      • jerville

        Not worth it? For $129 the Minilab is even cheaper than the mf spectra

        • RockingClub

          If you haven’t got any midi keyboard (of this size) this might be the right choice but I don’t think it makes sense to sell a 25 key Arturia keyboard to buy the minilab 😉

          • MicielyGil

            I think it does, since the 25 key version has a smaller software version than this one. The Lab version includes 5000 presets with more tweakability than the player version (included in the 25 key variant). That one only has 1000 presets and less tweakability.

          • mellonhead

            two words for ya: mini keys.

          • Roy

            the truth allways hurts…