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Video: Ikea Makes A DJ-Targeted Commercial

One of the most successful articles of all time on DJ Techtools was a how-to guide for building a home DJ booth out of Ikea parts, and it continues to be one of the top-ranking articles on our site every month. It looks like Ikea themselves might have finally read the article – have a look at the commercial below of how they transform a Hoarders-level mess of records and gear into a sweet home DJ studio with their furniture.

Want to build your own? Start with a booth- read our original article:
How To Create a Professional DJ Booth from IKEA Parts

  • Dmitri Kara

    a tear has been shed.

  • Now isn’t that what a DJ would dream for! Bigup IKEA assembly services! If I was not a fan of flat pack furniture I would totally participate in such an add 🙂

  • CN Williams

    off to ikea then!!! at last!!

  • What mixer did he have?

    • BeatControl

      Looks like the Rane Sixty-Eight!

  • I am wondering for how long this arrangement last lol

  • Bis

    The rest of the records where thrown in boxes in the attic. Ikea could not make them all fit in those pretty white shelves. 🙂

  • Joe Maffei

    shoe racks for keyboards = brilliant.

  • Nice one, this article reminded me of the Ikea DJ Booth article you guys wrote a while back. Need to get into gear and build my shelve for the monitors.

  • Can anyone else tell, did he use one or two of the EXPEDIT bookcases that support the turntables?

  • Lucky guy.

  • Gav

    Commerical? How comical! C’mon Dan, get the spelling sorted before you publish! 🙂

    • 32digits

      maybe Dan did that on purpose =D his way to make fun of the video 🙂

  • dillinger23

    What a total Hollywood movie. Jesus, What a total chick-flick happy ever after Disney tale of a scripted and acted film. So the camera ‘just happened to be there’ to catch the kid messing with his records and decks yes? I’m now going to go and throw up.

    • Jesus indeed. Don’t be such a grump.

  • I’ve been using ikea furniture for my dj/producer room since years. Practical, robust, cheap and highly customizable. Love them!

  • I thought that booth looked familiar…

  • dj alto

    wow so i found the video and it just inspired me i want to have a room like that some day

  • dj alto

    why cant i see the video

    • Spacecamp

      Showing fine here. What browser/OS are you on?

  • woninfoh

    wheres the video? lulz

    • Spacecamp

      Odd, What browser/OS are you on?

  • DJ Radical Rob

    Definitely a “How To” and costs would be awesome! My studio is a combination of Ikea and actual studio desks… all professional looking! Way to go DJTT!

  • DJ Possess


  • I bought one expedit bookshelf a year ago and haven’t stopped expanding on it since.

  • Jacob

    That was sick

  • ffflecha

    i use one of these for Maschine!

    it’s a simple solution and more stable than i thought!!

  • Tim Huijbers

    I do have the stuff, sadly don’t have money for the IKEA stuff :P.. Really inspiring, need the partslist as well to run to my IKEA after my next paycheck!

  • Yeah, someday… (:

  • I started the ikea hacks dj stand trend, I swear, with the 68

  • That’s really outstanding. I wish they showed what it all cost!

    • very cheap, build a booth using ikea a few weeks ago cost me only 120 bucks

    • anonymous

      for the marketing stint or the furniture?

    • anonymouse

      probably cost many thousands for that marketing stunt

    • It would be no more than $400 i think!

  • Knaugen

    About time, eh?

  • Really inspiring. My goal is to have a room like that someday.

    • weqedw

      Till all that cheap IKEA furniture collapses under the weight of many analogue synths… thats gonna end well.

      • If you build it properly and take care of it, that shouldn’t occur!

      • Lando Morales

        I bought my workspace table at iKEA in 2007 an dhas traveled with me from Germany to Texas, used for a couple of gigs and countless setups and has suited me fine, I still use it

      • DJman

        IKEA furniture is designed to withstand the weight of even a modular synth, that is, unless you get too careless. Try to distribute as much weight as possible

    • I’ll take the wife first, haha.

  • I like it.