• KoenraadVDS

    Where the hell can I buy this thing? It’s not on music store, keymusic, bax, thomann..

  • noCore

    this is a great little controller. build quality is excellent. A+ 🙂

  • how smooth is the cross fader?

  • Guest

    @Metachemical APC doesn’t have the greatest build quality, agreed. But the functionality is way better for the APC. I especially love the way the knobs are setup, and how you get 32 controls for only 8 knobs (on the top part) @Tech-Sterminate Yeah I am very familiar with the novation, for some reason not really impressed with it. I already have a launchpad and a maschine mikro, I just want something good with knobs, and if the APC had a version with no launchpad part it would be ideal for me, to bad it doesn’t exist. I want to be able to have a dj setup that will all fit in my laptop bag, but with all the functionality of a big setup (call me greedy). 🙂

  • neotechtonics

    Oh look.. another really well thought out USB controller using MIDI protocol. It’s not a MIDI controller if it doesn’t have 5-Pin DIN out and stand-alone capability in my opinion. A special thanks to digital DJs for destroying the market for people that don’t use computers. 🙂

  • adia

    This is garbage. The Allen and Heath K2 destroys this. You still need a soundcard.

  • Anonymous

    At NAMM, Faderfox had announced a steep price cut for the whole range. But my local music shop, which is known for its low prices, still sells all Faderfox gear at the same price as before…

    I wonder when they’ll adjust their prices. Perhaps they will, when this new device arrives?

    • Spacecamp

      You should ask them to match the price 🙂

  • iernei

    It’s silly to question the robustness of faderfox controler.They are well known,could say even famous for reliability among users.I used dx2 regularly for quite some time and that same controler is still used by a fellow dj.

  • I enjoy the small size of this thing. But for $249 you could get an apc40. Lol. I wish they had an apc40, that did not have the launchpad part. Then I would be in heaven.