• Dj Smoke1

    @facebook-1436996476:disqus Everything becomes dated sooner or later even midi controllers. But as long as their is a big moment of people that love the old software that works. Why switch!!!!!

  • I think SSL is dated software ready to die. Just use cdjs or vinyl if you wanna beat match so badly. Lol

    • randomdude

      Do you feel the same way about Traktor scratch?

  • malzfreund

    Recent blog entries have been killer. The interview with Roger Linn and Dave Smith was fantastic, the first look at Traktor DJ was timely and informative.

    Having said that, I don’t think minor version upgrades are worth multiple blog entries (you already reported on the 2.4.4 beta on Feb 14). This is nothing against SSL.

    • steve

      That’s why it’s not on the homepage obviously

  • Rahfee Zahkee

    lols who cares

    • Your mom

    • Would you rather hear about Traktor adding 15 new FX that no one needs? Much respect for Serato and releasing updates that people need.