• It would have been nice if they included Recycle with Reason so you would make your own Rex files.

  • chrono

    I was about to buy ableton live 9, I think ill burry that

  • Anonymous

    i have an older copy of reason i use as a massive vst inside of ableton, don’t feel the need to upgrade lol


  • I was a Reason user for a long time, but ultimately moved over to Ableton as I found the lack of plugin support frustrating and ultimately Reason sounded a little “thin”. Routing the audio from Reason into Ableton gives a much better sound, even without any mastering or FX

  • droxpopuli

    I really liek the direction Reason is going. It used to be a cool tool, especially for learning since it was so self contained (see Boy in a Band). But often people wanting more featues and stuff like VSTs would basically use Reason like a giant VST. All these new features are making it more and more like a full daw while still keeping what makes it special.

    • I think Reason 6 was the first time Reason could be considered a full-featured DAW, but it still lacked really important features. It looks like Reason 7 is the last piece of the puzzle; with MIDI out, some semblance of plugin support, audio quantization, mix channel groups, and an honest-to-god spectrum EQ, I think Reason will finally be on the same playing field as Logic and Ableton. Which makes me SUPER HAPPY