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Reason 7 Announced: MIDI Out, Audio Quantization

With Ableton Live 9 having just hit the ground last week, it’s no surprise that the crew over at Propellerhead is eager to show of their own upgrade of their competing DAW, Reason 7.

The new version of Reason offers a few new features that are sure to make current users excited, and could tempt users of other DAWs to give Reason another look, including MIDI Out control, advanced mixer bus grouping, quantization of recorded audio within a take and more.

Watch the full introduction of Reason 7 in the below video:

The software will debut in Q2 of 2013 – current users of Reason 6/6.5 will be able to upgrade for $129 – learn more about the upgrade pricing scheme on this page.

Propellerhead has also noted that they’re looking for beta testers for the new version – learn more and sign up here if that sounds interesting.

  • It would have been nice if they included Recycle with Reason so you would make your own Rex files.

  • chrono

    I was about to buy ableton live 9, I think ill burry that

  • Anonymous

    i have an older copy of reason i use as a massive vst inside of ableton, don’t feel the need to upgrade lol


  • I was a Reason user for a long time, but ultimately moved over to Ableton as I found the lack of plugin support frustrating and ultimately Reason sounded a little “thin”. Routing the audio from Reason into Ableton gives a much better sound, even without any mastering or FX

  • droxpopuli

    I really liek the direction Reason is going. It used to be a cool tool, especially for learning since it was so self contained (see Boy in a Band). But often people wanting more featues and stuff like VSTs would basically use Reason like a giant VST. All these new features are making it more and more like a full daw while still keeping what makes it special.

    • I think Reason 6 was the first time Reason could be considered a full-featured DAW, but it still lacked really important features. It looks like Reason 7 is the last piece of the puzzle; with MIDI out, some semblance of plugin support, audio quantization, mix channel groups, and an honest-to-god spectrum EQ, I think Reason will finally be on the same playing field as Logic and Ableton. Which makes me SUPER HAPPY