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Video: Bass Kleph “Incredible” Routine

We’re always excited to see brand-new routines by performers who are taking traditional DJ experiences and turning them into live performances, and Bass Kleph continues to be an inspiration in this domain. Armed with a new Maschine Mk II in this video, Bass Kleph performs his own live remix of Carnage & Borgore’s track “Incredible”.

Watch the video below:

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  • as GSP would say, i am not impressed by your performance..

  • yan

    I would love to see a bootleg version out of this… SO AWESOME!

  • SaveYourself

    Damn, that what was dope

  • Controllero

    Awesome!! NI should definitely ask him to do some advertisement for them. 😉

  • That was awesome. This video completely sold me on selling my Maschine Mikro and picking up a full size MK2.

  • Carl

    I’ve made a live remix of this track 3 weeks ago on a launchpad:)

  • wow

  • Kelvin

    I like his live remix so much better than the original

  • Anonymous

    That was pretty neat.


  • Prof_Strangeman

    Holy crap. I gotta hand it to BK. He NEVER fails to impress with the Maschine.