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Reloop Jockey 3 Remix Controller Reissued

Reloop’s Jockey 3 ME, debuted in 2011, was a solid addition to the two-channel controller market (watch Ean’s samurai-influenced review here) – so it’s not too much of a surprise that Reloop is releasing a brand new reissue of the controller, dubbed the Jockey 3 Remix. While the layout, form factor, and design remain almost identical, Reloop has instead decided to change the mapping and controls to focus on advanced Traktor Pro 2 integration.

There’s now tri-color LEDs behind the performance buttons (above the jog wheels), which allow for shifting between three different modes in Traktor, Track Deck, Sample Mode, and Remix Mode. The buttons have also been cleaned up a bit, relying less on complicated labeling.

The effects presets and JogFX built into the default mapping are sure to get advanced Traktor users excited. See the features in action in Reloop’s showcase of the new Reloop Jockey 3 Remix, featuring resident DJ Angelo:

And here’s the official words on the new modes that the new controller offers:

Besides the new minimal layout and the new performance section with intelligent tri-colour LED illumination, a completely new control concept has been realized here, which disposes of 3 different mighty modes:

Track Deck Mode: In this mode you have total control over all important deck features like playback, cue/loop or effect control. And with the new dedicated beatjump buttons you can jump to an appropriate beat faster than ever before.

Sample Mode: In Sample Mode (blue illumination) it is possible to access all a sample deck’s important parameters without having to switch the deck. This way you can quickly record, load or trigger samples. In the sample deck samples can be scratched, filtered and modulated. Moreover, you will always have a lock on volume control thanks to the sample deck volume dial – no matter
on which deck you find yourself.

Remix Mode: The Remix Mode (green illumination) is basically the playgound for creative mixers and will give pleasure to all effect lovers. The Jockey 3 Remix is the first controller on the market that can combine powerful effect combos with the push of a button, allowing for modulation via jog wheel, pitchfaders or linefaders. Dramatic build-ups in a track can be realized in no time. The independent Roll & Mash modes that can be used to either chop up a track or re-trigger it on-thefly, are also brand-new.

The Reloop Jockey 3 Remix will be available soon, but no exact date or price has yet been announced.

  • bascurtiz

    Any idea when this baby will be up for a review?

  • gladkiy

    ergonomics is really wrong, all controls are located too tight

  • Hmmm not convinced. You can only use one ‘style’ at a time it seems…

  • what a fag dj angelo

    • dillinger23

      you homophobic cunt. Fuck off.

      • i’m no homofobic, he’s just showing off way too much…with those ugly ass glasses

  • Looks cool. Hopefully the jog wheels have improved from the original.

  • RockingClub

    Really like this routine. Haven’t seen such a tight performance for a decent number of months now.
    And they built in JogFX… Mmmh… Did they copy from DJTT here? 😉