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Controllerism In Video Games; Midi Fighter Comes Full Circle

Photo Credit: @hunicke

We were tipped off to a post over on video game blog Kotaku by DJTT reader Tim Stephanic – revealing a brand new controller for an upcoming game Tenya Wanya Teens – by the creator of Katamari Damacy. The controller (pictured at right) is consists of joystick in a box next to a grid of sixteen light up arcade buttons – hey, wait a second, that looks pretty similar to a Midi Fighter!

The game is a bit more ridiclious than mashing cue points, as noted by a quote from Venus Patrol in the Kotaku article:

“[it’s] about trying desperately to not say or do the wrong thing at the wrong time, that universal struggle to maintain the façade of normality during the awkward transition from child- to adulthood—but, more than anything, really, it’s a silly party game for two players armed with sixteen buttons each.”

It’s well known the Midi Fighter’s roots are squarely in arcade games, but could the cycle finally have fed back on itself and video games controllers are taking a page from the our book for a change?

[via Kotaku]

  • Glue

    Nah, I had controllers for my Super Nintendo that looked like midi fighters, well before the fighter was ever conceived.

    • Was not the premise for the MIDI fighter that the button boxes looked like a Street Fighter 2 game?

  • Noe

    Cool article. Full circle indeed.

  • have you guys ever considered designing a controller like the tradicional midifighter but with a joystick that would serve as a x-y effect controller ?!

    that would be amazing, being able to fingerdrum and launch some reverbs on my kicks and snares and play through the joystick with them =]

    • They see me rollin…

      I think there’s a guy in the forums who’s wired up a joystick on his home brewed midi fighter

      The description of Tenya Wanya sounds like controllerism training too. We’ve seen those kids under 7 cutting up on decks, how long before they’re melting face with midi fighters?

      Katamari Damacy was a great game, and absolutely insane.

    • I mentioned last week that the ad for the MF3D had a Disco ball in the button socket and wondered if DJTT was going to make trackball buttons. This is perfectly in line with that thought.

  • How much? 🙂

  • Rahfee Zahkee

    when ever someone plays with my joysick, i too also light up.
    combos are even better