• Glue

    Nah, I had controllers for my Super Nintendo that looked like midi fighters, well before the fighter was ever conceived.

    • Was not the premise for the MIDI fighter that the button boxes looked like a Street Fighter 2 game?

  • Noe

    Cool article. Full circle indeed.

  • have you guys ever considered designing a controller like the tradicional midifighter but with a joystick that would serve as a x-y effect controller ?!

    that would be amazing, being able to fingerdrum and launch some reverbs on my kicks and snares and play through the joystick with them =]

    • They see me rollin…

      I think there’s a guy in the forums who’s wired up a joystick on his home brewed midi fighter

      The description of Tenya Wanya sounds like controllerism training too. We’ve seen those kids under 7 cutting up on decks, how long before they’re melting face with midi fighters?

      Katamari Damacy was a great game, and absolutely insane.

    • I mentioned last week that the ad for the MF3D had a Disco ball in the button socket and wondered if DJTT was going to make trackball buttons. This is perfectly in line with that thought.

  • How much? 🙂

  • Rahfee Zahkee

    when ever someone plays with my joysick, i too also light up.
    combos are even better