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Serato Misspells “Official”; Discounts Control Vinyl 40%

Everybody makes mistakes – but rarely do they present such a gear-acquisition opportunity as this one. If you’re a Serato Scratch Live DJ, you’re in luck – Serato spelled the word “Official” wrong on their latest control vinyl printing. Instead of printing new labels or letting the misprints live in a warehouse for the next twenty years, they’re knocking off 40% from the price of the control vinyl (bringing the cost down to about $20) and selling them on their store.

The control vinyl comes in a variety of colors and will likely sell out fast – and who knows, maybe someday they’ll be a rare collector’s item?

Now let’s all hope that Pioneer spells “DJM-2000” wrong in the near future, eh?

  • HallucigeniaUK

    If only they mis-spelled their shipping rates – $38 to the UK!!!

  • Skeptical

    Suspect this was deliberate. No such thing as bad press. If you’re planning to discount a product whose customer base is relatively static and where the product itself has a significant shelf life then this is a very clever way to do it without upsetting people who just paid full whack for the same product.

  • “such an gear-acquisition” in your article should be “such a gear-acquisition”… starting off an article pointing out a grammatical error with one of your own, lol. Sorry to bust you on this.

    • PS, I understand that’s not the point of the article, but ironic nonetheless.

    • Spacecamp

      Thanks for noticing, I’ve corrected it (something Serato can’t do).
      If we’re getting semantic, the article points out a spelling error, not a grammatical error. 😀

      • Dillinger23

        Sorry fella but you mean pedantic (not semantic as you have written). Semantics is the study of the relationships between signs & signifiers in language and consciousness, what ‘words’ mean in culture, Pedantry is obsession with small details… such as I am exhibiting here! 😉

  • Yeah I grabbed some glow in the darks like it was a riot.

  • jcorr

    Does NI sell sick control vinyls like Serato does ??

  • shred

    I bought 20. They’ll be collectors items in the future!

  • Sonson

    Someone’s gettin’ officially fired.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds a bit like ‘fecal’ when you say it out loud

  • Durty English

    they did that on purpose hahah

    • Steve

      Agreed. It’s actually more awesome typoed.

    • Sonson

      horrible marketing strategy. No logic or reason and it would actually cost them more to do this than to just put the product on sale. And all it says is “Hey, look, we’re stupid!” McDonalds wouldn’t purposely take a bite out of a Big Mac then say it’s 40% off now. That’s gross and officially stupid.

      • metalgearrr

        actually no it doesn’t say theyre stupid… and that McDonald’s comparison is actually way off and makes no sense. Theyre not selling a broken control vinyl.. or half of one.. its just a spelling typo.
        so its more like Mcdonalds selling a Big Mac and the box spelling Bigg Mac. thats all.