• JustATheist

    oh I can’t wait to feel it …. you see, I have been doing it wrong all these years … I haven’t been feeling it … I can’t wait to sit in a chair that vibrates to really feel the music in a way I could only imagine. I’m so happy the next generation is gonna be able to feel it …. it’s what we have been missing in this life.

  • Audiophile93

    The Subpac S2 is awesome! I was skeptical at first but I went to Chuck Levin’s to try it out and it was sweet. They also have the lowest price on it anywhere if anyone is interested. http://www.chucklevins.com/products/subpac-s2-seatback-tactile-bass-system.html

  • skillsss

    “Accurate, immersive, and portable” –A very cool product indeed. I heard you can pre-order a Subpac S2 Seatback Tactile Bass System at ChuckLevins.com


  • Shawnyd

    Hey DJTT I made a unboxing of the SubPac M1 in case you are interested. Here is the link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Jg8oOHs7Fo

  • This is fascinating. I feel that is could be useful in many other ways. What about the Deaf community? Wouldn’t it help them to perceive music better? This has a lot of potential.

  • cinema

    that seems like a really cool product.
    and the logo looks really familiar to the controllerism.com logo too lol

  • atom12

    It’s look to me that all you guys are to young to remember the Aura Bass Shakers of the 90’s

  • chris m

    They have something similar for car audio, called bass shakers. Pretty much for people that can’t have big speakers. I would still recommend at least a powered subwoofer with headphones, over that. But, if you want to know what one of your songs would sound like in a club, you have to hear it through decent speakers.

  • Rhapz

    “I can testify though that the first time I played out after having used
    the SubPac, I wasn’t happy with how a remix I’d done sounded over the
    PA. I’m pretty sure the SubPac could have at least helped me shape the
    bass to sound better in the club.”

    “In terms of accuracy, I wouldn’t call it a “precision device” but it’s
    pretty sweet and could be used to make a late night headphone session
    quite a bit more creative.”

    If I’m not mistaken from the article, it sounds like it feels good but not actually helping as much as I would expect it to in regards to music production than using regular speakers.

    Or am I just reading this article wrong?

    • Dubtronix

      It helps with monitoring low frequencies more accurately than a sub because you feel the relative difference between subbass/kick/bass and other low frequencies. I used one in London. You really understand what is going on in the low end

      • Rhapz

        Thanks for the reply! So from your experience, you would say it helps enough in music production to spend 300$ on it? I live in Japan and I can’t crank my music up past 33% without getting a noise complaint so this might be a good option for me….

        • Dubtronix

          Yes. It is an amazing solution for anyone that needs to experience bass.

  • Midinoob

    what is that mix board in the first photo?

  • Pdang

    Hmmm.. At first I was looking at the actual Subwoofer speaker in the image but this product is absolutely f*%king amazing!. And I love RogueDJ’s idea of a backpack! Imagine combining this will the Hot Hand USB Wireless MIDI controller and you’ve got yourself a self-made massage apparatus in your studio or a hard-core fat burning performance set on stage!! – And think about the social aspects when you want your friends to “feel” your music.. Brilliant. Now I’m dreaming of a full bodysuit 😀

  • Anonymous

    Now make a version that I can wear as a backpack so that I can stand and DJ while feeling the BASS!!!

  • That thing is sweet!

    Looks like sub packs are all the rage:

  • Mike

    Can someone identify the console in the pic?

    • Looks like a sweet little Neve board. Maybe a 5088?

  • I was about to say I wouldn’t use this for mastering, but apparently it’s meant for the purpose and good at it! Would love this as well. I live in an apartment and have a 300 watt sub as part of my monitoring setup I can rarely use…. this looks awesome.

  • Getting this ASAP!!!! Really nice little invention!!!

  • Brian Wallace

    I have had a demo unit for enough time to do a bit of mastering and mixing on this. Hands down this device is the most precise tool for measuring bass in a mix. It takes all the guesswork out of the low end perception. This is a game changer for music production. Here is a link to a record I mastered on the Subpac in December. http://www.theexpanders.net/download/

  • Jake1983

    I went to the Demo in LA, it’s absolutely the solution I am looking for as a producer !! Absolutely killer !!

  • Nisoundni

    That’s an awesome product. I’m recently dealing with the same problems with my neighbors. I just can’t resist the sweetness of bass, I definitely need to feel the bass through my body! That’s seems to be the Solution!

  • bwek