To satisfy my love of music on vinyl, I buy one or two vinyl albums per month in one of my home town’s vinyl outlets. Quite a lot of albums come with vouchers to download 320 kbit mp3’s of the album for free. And every time I wonder why they only provide lossy download formats?!? I mean if I was interested in lossy quality I would not be buying vinyl, would I? I however don’t mind recording the album myself and saving it to a lossless format of my choice. Afterall it only takes me one afternoon commute to process the recorded album to music files.

  • Frank112916

    This will go great when I buy the new daft punk album

  • The great part about this is that it’s retroactive for such a long way. I’ve been buying the mp3 versions of a lot of records that I own just because ripping them, then re-mastering, then converting them is time consuming with a large collection

  • Just Friday

    Bandcamp provides the download in all the formats you can imagine (AAC, flac, wav, mp3 320 cbr or vbr and even WAV) for all CD or Vinyl you buy

  • Dan White

    Needs more lossless audio, IMO.