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New Launchpad S from Novation

The Novation Launchpad S

More hot news in the controller world – Novation is relaunching their classic best-selling Launchpad controller with a few updates to make it a more modern controller. Here’s the rundown of the major changes to the controller, dubbed the Launchpad S.

  • much brighter LEDs
  • significantly faster refresh rate (switching between modes & general performance)
  • and it’s now class compliant –meaning it doesn’t require a driver and will work with iOS apps!

The controller is set be available later this month (April 2013), with a MSRP of $169.99.

Novation has also gotten a performance video together from KillTheRobot for this new relaunch, showing off the controller’s stronger lighting. Check it out below:

If you’re into his performance, KillTheRobots also put together a behind the scenes video of how he crafted his performance – especially helpful if you need help making cool light shows on Launchpad controllers. He’s also got the full template of his performance available for download here.

Learn more about the Launchpad S on Novation’s official product page

  • brody lawrence

    i just brought the old launch pad -_-

  • Can anyone tell me whether it still has the annoying double clicking buttons?

  • Introducing velocity sensors and a better integration with Live (a row on the left with record, play, duplicate,…) would have make it a real and much cheaper Ableton Push competitor, even with a price around $200-$250.


    it says the file is corrupt. 🙁 Unexpected node ‘Lomid’ (at line 5, column 21). Is this because I have Live lite 8?

  • Will Laroche

    This’ll be nice, and its not 600 bucks.

  • Is it possible to play that performance with a normal Launchpad too?

    • Francois Hickel

      Yes, I tried with mine and it worked (with Live 9)

  • If they’d switched to RGB, I would say they’d have something to compete with the Push. As it is, I’d guess that most people who’d buy a launchpad already own one (or more), and the people who’d care about LED lag read the manual and learned how to use the double buffering feature. If their goal is to sell the S to people who are new to Ableton and want a cheaper alternative to the Push…they may have overlooked the massive number of used Launchpads that are about to flood the market (new Push owners looking to offload their old gear). It’s a welcome update, but I would hate to see such a solid piece of gear get discontinued as a result of “too little, too late”.

    • They’re doing it partially to pull in the iOS crowd, I think. They’ve recently put up Launchpad and Lanchkey apps for the iPad. Still not a great move on their part, though.

  • As a linux user I welcome the class compliance. Does it still require the middleware for all the interesting features?

    • You’ll get the middleware whether you like it or not… this is Novation.

      • It was too much to ask for I guess 🙁

  • 0bli0 Jonez

    im guessing still has no velocity and dull button response

  • Jimmy

    Is this Daft Punk?

  • ben

    Hopefully the update will address the problems with the launchpad freezing. not sure if was just my computer or what but the damn thing would always freeze on me (happened once mid performance… ugh)

    • A-Dag-Io

      Nope, it’s not your computer. Happened to me twice playing a traktor set. Launchpad is cool but not the most dependable. Novation support didn’t help.

  • Yawn.

  • Guest

    That performance video is very similar to Madeon’s The Night Out remix.

  • Seems like a bit of a silly update. Granted, class compliance and the LEDs are useful features, but it doesn’t warrant a re-release and a $20+ jump in price.

    • Dan White

      While I agree with your points, remember that MSRP and actual street price will likely differ significantly.

      • dila

        well yes, the old MSRP was 150. it will be a $20+ jump in price street in the end most likely. Wish they would have done something bigger but still nice to see. Not everyone wants to put forth $600 for a push..

        • Yeah, the Ableton Push is a great controller, but it’s expensive. Novation still has a lot of following with their Launchpad because it’s inexpensive and has a large interface area (and there’s no shame in that). I’d really like to see what Novation is planning to do now that the Twitch is 2 years old and the Launchpad has been challenged by the Push.

    • keep in mind that “old”launchpad will probably get cheaper until the stock is sold out

  • Awesome performance! Very well done, but I kinda feel like the Push just wins at this point…

    • Price is very important when it comes to people buying gear. There were a lot of really good samplers in the late ’80s, but they were expensive. The cheap samplers became the sound of that time because they were just easier to afford… and the gritty sound became cool.

  • Great! Now lets wait for the hacks to come! Would people choose 2 Launchpad S instead of a Push?

    • MellonHead

      add a script in osculator and it’s a tri-nome!