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Video: Shiftee Rocks Traktor DJ; Freeze Mode Mastery

We’ve been waiting for an expert demo video of Traktor DJ that really shows off the performance capabilities that the app offers, and it looks like Native Instruments has found the perfect man for it. DJ Shiftee, who has shown his chops in scores of Traktor and Maschine videos in the past, takes the app on the road to perform around town, on a train, and even in a club as a third deck in his Traktor Scratch Pro setup.

In particular, watch out for some clever uses of freeze mode and multi-touch effects – it’s inspiration to anyone who feels like DJ applications can sometimes feel stale and formulaic.

For more info about Traktor DJ, watch Ean Golden’s review or learn more on the iTunes App Store  

  • tr4gik

    Shiftee u freakin BEAST!

  • Nitewerk

    I wish that this was an extension/controller to Traktor Pro than it’s own stand alone software. If I need to play a short notice gig it would be just as easy to grab my laptop as it would my ipad, it’s the mixer that is the issue. So if I could play from Traktor pro on my laptop with my full collection and control it with a program on my ipad like Trakor DJ that would make the most sense to me and I would definitely buy it then. Then maybe it would also be possible to monitor with the ipad audio out while the master would come out of the laptop. That would be the perfect setup for small parties.

  • Mario García

    The best ipad app by far

  • meh..I can do better.

  • ShadesMan

    So when is freeze mode coming to traktor pro

  • I ? u NI, so much. And fuck you purists, that’s real class.

  • Annnnnnnd that’s a lot crazy then what I can do with Traktor DJ on my Ipad lol