• Dj-Ato Souza

    Pioneer DJM-750 Traktor Scratch 100%

  • Mario

    Here you can view Details of the RMX 80: http://www.elevator.de/reloop-rmx-80-digital.html

  • Anton_P

    Price is fine for a Pioneer and FX are cool and all that… But no dedicated channel filter is a HUGE turndown. It’s a no go.

  • Charles Mykid

    That promo video tells me to stick to the Xone 92 & Ableton

  • DJ Elevation

    I’m confused by all these Pioneer promos with a laptop in the shot. Isn’t Pioneer’s whole marketing scheme that if you use Pioneer equipment you don’t need a laptop, since there whole hardware line is so “badass” you don’t need it.

    I agree with Jeroen, for that price no way! Pioneer has a great feature set on most of there products, they just all seem over priced. That same mixer for $800 would be tempting, but I’m not even looking at it for $1100.

    • Loco

      That’s not their goal anymore, since a long time, MIDI control in the 800 for example…and now with all the controller line. I agree on the price though, for 800 bucks they would sell like pancakes 🙂

  • That price tag and no dedicated filters to each channel, no way!!!

    I’m still rockin the DJM-800 with an audio 10 and i still don’t think Pioneer brought a mixer which has a good price and new features what would make me replace the 800.

    Maybe the 900 but still, that price tag….

    Bring me a mixer with two usb ports for connecting two laptops, make a mix of the 900 en the Rane sixty-eight.
    Pioneer has all these cool features on there mixers but there all on different mixers,
    Kinda like what they first did with the CDJ’s, and now you have the CDJ-2000 nexus with all of them combined.

    So Pioneer if you want to storm the market just make one brutal mixer with all the stuff on it!! Then maybe i will be willing to pay more then 1,5K

    • Linzmar

      Agreed but $1,000 is my limit on a mixer… An I have to LOVE IT for that price.
      Luckily I was able to find my djm 800 for that.
      That reloop looks interesting for sure. A nice djm layout. If its prices right…

      • The Reloop does look interesting, but in the specifications on there site it says it has a build in USB hub. But there is no mention of a build in sound card.
        So no sound card is a NO GO!

        • It has a built in sound card….

          • Okay, i couldn’t get that out of the specs, and the video of the mixer at the Musikmesse.
            But if it has a build in soundcard it has potential.

            But then…. is it Traktor Scratch certified?

  • I’m sure it will be fine, its whether or not your PC/MAC can handle TSPRO 2.6.1 that is the issue. Think I’m gonna roll back to a version that does actually allow me to use TSPRO at 96000MHz. This mixer is a beast, pity its 700GBP, if it was 200 pounds cheaper they’d kill corner the market with this. 4 channel soundcard, FX, Chunky Filters, Sound colour, and all the usual DJM stuff, whats not to like except price tag?

    • Linzmar

      Chunky filter. Singular.

  • marchpane

    Most important…is it traktor-certified?