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New Mixers: Reloop RMX-80 and Pioneer DJM-750

Musikmesse 2013 has brought two new DJ mixers to the table from Pioneer and (less-expectedly) Reloop!

Just spotted this afternoon is a very similar-looking mixer from Reloop, the RMX-80. Also a four-channel mixer with digital effects and dedicated filters, we’ve just seen a leaked press release and small photo evidence seen here from

Reloop RMX-80 Digital Features

  • 4+1 channel performance club mixer
  • Fully digital architecture for outstanding sound and flexibility
  • Future-proof thanks to innovative, updatable firmware system
  • Setup utility mode for extensive control and setting possibilities (master, limiter, solo/mix cue, isolator crossover, talkover threshold, mic-to-booth, cue-to-booth, LED check, factory reset, firmware update)
  • 13 high-quality performance effects in studio quality (flanger, delay, echo, reverb, transformer, pitch shift, loop roll, reverse loop, noise, bitcrusher, gate, tape delay, send/return)
  • Direct access to effect modulation (trigger, LFO, time, pitch) via time bar buttons
  • 2 independent beat counters with ‘intelligent tempo detect’
  • Large, well-structured LCD display for all important functions
  • Bipolar filter per channel
  • Adjustable EQ characteristics (kill & classic)
  • Fader & crossfader-start
  • Innofader compatible
  • Mic channel with 2-band EQ & talkover ‘active ducking technology’ for mic channel
  • Intelligent 1-knob equalizer and mono/stereo switch for headphones
  • Active 3-way USB hub for additional audio interface or controller
  • Individual zone routing
  • Symmetrical (XLR) as well as asymmetrical (RCA) outputs

Technical details

  • Inputs: 7 Line, 2 Phono, 2 Mic, Return
  • Outputs: Master 1 XLR balanced, Master 2 Chinch unbalanced, Rec, Booth, Send – Frequency range: 20 Hz – 20KHz
  • EQ range classic: +12 dB/ < -26 dB
  • EQ range isolator: +12 DB/ -8 dB (total kill)
  • Dimensions: 320 x 107.5 x 382.4 mm
  • Weight: 6.9 kg

From Pioneer is the brand new four-channel DJM-750, which brings a simplified version of the color effects found on the DJM-800/900 to a slightly more price concious mixer, with an MSRP of  $1,199/€999 Check the obligatory Pioneer promo video and the full specs below:

Boost Color FX – The new Boost Color FX enables users to change the parameter of an effect with the varying rotation speed of the integrated controller knob. The degree of the selected effect is intensified (i.e. increase cut rate) the faster the knob is turned. The Boost Color FX knob can work on any of the integrated mixer effects and the feature includes four different types of effects, Filter, Crush, Noise and Jet.
Sound Color FX – The Sound Color FX offers four types of effects (Filter, Crush, Noise, Jet) for more creative mixing options. Users also have the ability to switch between Sound Color FX and Boost Color FX to match the music playing.
Beat Effect – The Beat Effect function presents 13 different types of effects (Delay, Echo, Spiral, Reverb, Trans, Filter, Flanger, Phaser, Robot, Vinyl Brake, Slip Roll, Roll, and Reverse Roll) that can be combined with Boost Color FX and Sound Color FX to create more than 100 types of effects for extremely original remixes.

Superior Sound Quality

  • 24bit/96kHz High-Performance USB Sound Card – The DJM-750 4-channel digital DJ mixer is designed with a built-in USB sound card that enables simultaneous input-output of stereo signals for up to four inputs/outputs2 with no deterioration in sound quality.
  • The sound card supports three different sampling rates (96kHz/48kHz/44.1kHz) and ASIO/Core Audio standards, ideal for DJ play and music recording and production.
  • USB port, located on top of the mixer, enables quick connection of devices.
  • The signal output path from the mixer can be easily modified using its setup tool via a computer3.

• Sound Quality Design – The mixer produces clear and powerful audio using high quality components such as a 32-bit digital signal processor (DSP) and SEND/RETURN circuit parts, as well as a low-jitter crystal oscillator installed in the clock of its audio circuits, to deliver the most precise audio signals and accurate audio reproduction.

Additional Features
• Information from operation of the device’s knobs and buttons is transmitted to external DJ software and effectors, etc. as a MIDI4 signal, with a “Full Ensemble MIDI” function built in to enable simultaneous control of this device and other external devices.
• Each channel is equipped with a switch-type 3-band equalizer (+6dB to -26dB) and 3-band isolator (+6dB to -?dB).
• Channel fader knobs and cross-fader knobs offer a “P-LOCK Fader Cap” applying a lock function to guard against accidental disconnection of knobs.
• Auto Standby automatically senses active operation and the presence of input signals, switching to standby mode when a long period of input is not detected.

The DJM-750-K (black) and DJM-750-S (silver) are both available in June with a suggested retail price of $1,199.00.

  • Dj-Ato Souza

    Pioneer DJM-750 Traktor Scratch 100%

  • Mario

    Here you can view Details of the RMX 80:

  • Anton_P

    Price is fine for a Pioneer and FX are cool and all that… But no dedicated channel filter is a HUGE turndown. It’s a no go.

  • Charles Mykid

    That promo video tells me to stick to the Xone 92 & Ableton

  • DJ Elevation

    I’m confused by all these Pioneer promos with a laptop in the shot. Isn’t Pioneer’s whole marketing scheme that if you use Pioneer equipment you don’t need a laptop, since there whole hardware line is so “badass” you don’t need it.

    I agree with Jeroen, for that price no way! Pioneer has a great feature set on most of there products, they just all seem over priced. That same mixer for $800 would be tempting, but I’m not even looking at it for $1100.

    • Loco

      That’s not their goal anymore, since a long time, MIDI control in the 800 for example…and now with all the controller line. I agree on the price though, for 800 bucks they would sell like pancakes 🙂

  • That price tag and no dedicated filters to each channel, no way!!!

    I’m still rockin the DJM-800 with an audio 10 and i still don’t think Pioneer brought a mixer which has a good price and new features what would make me replace the 800.

    Maybe the 900 but still, that price tag….

    Bring me a mixer with two usb ports for connecting two laptops, make a mix of the 900 en the Rane sixty-eight.
    Pioneer has all these cool features on there mixers but there all on different mixers,
    Kinda like what they first did with the CDJ’s, and now you have the CDJ-2000 nexus with all of them combined.

    So Pioneer if you want to storm the market just make one brutal mixer with all the stuff on it!! Then maybe i will be willing to pay more then 1,5K

    • Linzmar

      Agreed but $1,000 is my limit on a mixer… An I have to LOVE IT for that price.
      Luckily I was able to find my djm 800 for that.
      That reloop looks interesting for sure. A nice djm layout. If its prices right…

      • The Reloop does look interesting, but in the specifications on there site it says it has a build in USB hub. But there is no mention of a build in sound card.
        So no sound card is a NO GO!

        • It has a built in sound card….

          • Okay, i couldn’t get that out of the specs, and the video of the mixer at the Musikmesse.
            But if it has a build in soundcard it has potential.

            But then…. is it Traktor Scratch certified?

  • I’m sure it will be fine, its whether or not your PC/MAC can handle TSPRO 2.6.1 that is the issue. Think I’m gonna roll back to a version that does actually allow me to use TSPRO at 96000MHz. This mixer is a beast, pity its 700GBP, if it was 200 pounds cheaper they’d kill corner the market with this. 4 channel soundcard, FX, Chunky Filters, Sound colour, and all the usual DJM stuff, whats not to like except price tag?

    • Linzmar

      Chunky filter. Singular.

  • marchpane

    Most important…is it traktor-certified?