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“Top Billin” Midi Fighter Spectra Design Contest Winners

We’ve counted the staff votes and made some decisions as to the winners of the “Top Billin'” Midi Fighter Spectra design contest. There are some awesome designs inside, both winners and runners-up – so come and see the awesome designs the DJTT community has come up with!

With great admiration and respect, DJTT would like to thank all of the “Top Billin’” Design Contest participants. The contest came to a conclusion with a total of 190 submissions – from all over the world! (View them all here on Facebook.)

We’re ecstatic to announce that we ended up picking a total of six winners, rather than the previously stated five. These six designs will be released one per month for the next six months – starting now! Facilitating such an amazing amount of quality entries made the selection process undoubtedly much easier said than done – a problem we welcomed!



Note: You may notice very minor alterations to the original submissions – these were made to achieve a more cohesive aesthetic and cut down on production time.

1. Zach Willet – Age 17 – Phoenix, AZ – USA

2. Carlos Contreras – Age 28 – Puebla, Mexico

3. David Carter – Age 34 – London, United Kingdom

4. Ferran Pujol – Age 22 – Barcelona, Spain

5. Guido Pedicone – Age 26 – Córdoba, Argentina

6. Roland Onodi – Age 32 – Budapest, Hungary

Attention winners: Please check your Facebook messages folder in the next two days for further details regarding your prizes!

Attention all participants: Please check your Facebook “other” messages folder for your $15 off a Midi Fighter Spectra coupon code – set to arrive in the next few days.

First Design Available Now

The first design, available now in the DJTT webstore for $225, is Roland Onodi’s – which can be selected via the “top” drop-down menu as “Maple Ripple Design.” The final product will vary slightly from the photo above [no pause/play logo,] but here is a test cut illustrating just how supreme it will look!

The other “Top Billin'” design release dates are as follows:

  • 2 [Carlos Contreras] – May 18th 2013
  • 4 [Fernando Colina Caminos] – June 18th 2013
  • 1 [Zach Willet] – July 18th 2013
  • 3 [David Carter] – August 18th 2013
  • 5 [Guido Pedicone] – September 18th 2013
Zach Willet - Available July 18th 2013
Fernando Colina Caminos - Available June 18th 2013
David Carter – Available August 18th 2013

We would like to again thank all the participants who took part in this contest! Without you, this would not have been an awe-inspiring and fun thing to curate. As such, we would be negligent to not pass out some honorable mentions ($25 off a Midi Fighter Spectra coupons) to some of our favorite creative designs! Here’s our choices:

  • Foley

    Insane designs! i love the winner!

  • Cool designs. I’m digging the hair and planet looking design.

  • wow everyone really does have different taste.

    #1 and #3 look great to me, can’t stand any of the others.

  • Great competition mitch, looking forward to entering something into the next one now. I was sorry to read some of the negative comments below but I would say you ran the competition fairly. Not everyone has a massive following of people willing to like and share their work. Creativity should not be a popularity contest but should come down to quality of the work produced and I think you did a good job at keeping things fair

  • Anonymous

    Hi Mitch, good day. Greetings DJTT team

    Sincerely selection committee “Top Billin ‘” Midi Fighter Spectra design contest.

    However, I appreciate the opportunity to participate in the contest. I would like to show my opinion of my applicable, the evaluation criterion, if I may.

    Certainly I must say I am disappointed by the verdict resolved to conceive contest winners to win a MIDI Fighter Spectra.

    First, why did not respect at all the rules originally raised, where the winner was to be chosen by the highest number of “likes”. This does not take into account at all. Clearly this affects me because I was the person with more “likes”. While I understand the contests have a purpose and that is to promote a product or a brand in exchange for some benefit or service (although everyone can have their motivations). Well, I think I accomplished that goal quite well. All those “likes”, I gather by a large advocacy, sending personal messages to all my contacts: family and friends (many of them professional musicians) speaking of the competition and the product. I find it unfortunate that there is nothing heavy on the number of “likes” on the evaluation criterion being that this was the first rule of the contest. Now I have over 144 contacts who supported me, who were involved, who were following the count and now expected a favorable response. I will have to say: thank you very much for supporting me but, it did not help, because the original rules were not respected 🙁 and that even now with the chance of five possible winners, nor with that served as support. I leave them with a bad taste in their mouth, not to mention your server.

    Finally what disappoints me most is, not only that, returned to change the rules of competition by adding an additional winner, but, the winner picked apart for a design that is almost the copy or very, very similar to my third admission :-3 (just as mine with a touch of style history: “Joy Division”) entered two days before the announced design in the list of winners.

    After that I have little or no desire to participate in another event sponsored by DJTT if not with the bad experience can not be certain of the rules of the contest.

    I hope in some way are sensitive to this letter from a faithful follower since my previous comments on the blog and fb did not answer.

    Well that’s my thought on the situation.
    No more for now.



    • Mik-e, thanks for your comment, and your e-mail. However unfortunate you find it, the rules were changed within the first 3 days of the contest… which meant you then knew that continuing to garner “likes” was somewhat pointless. It was expressly written in the very few guidelines the contest had – “DJTT reserves the right to disqualify and delete any entries not following the rules and also the right to change the contest rules at any given time without notice.” This allowed the contest to be more fair for everyone… yourself included. I understand your frustration, but not everyone can win. There is a new contest going on right now, give that one a try!

      • Anonymous

        Well Mitch thanks for your answer, it is clear that you reserve the right to change the rules. But sorry, to me is not fair. It is as if one enters a 20k marathon and end up rewarding the best dress, ups sorry changed the rules. It is clear that several competed by the “likes”. The thing that keeps bothering me is that the final design continues to look to me like a copy of my last admission. Actually I have no desire to participate again in any contest that has to do with DJTT nor claim the prize of 25 dollars, I declined. I have no trust. Seeketh another gear meet my needs.

        Thanks for your attention.

        Have a nice day.

        • croyyy

          Wow someones butthurt

        • I mean if you don’t want to use that $25 I could (and would) use it 😉

        • 32digits

          The like-contest was unfair from the start because someone who starts collecting likes from day 1 will have more than someone who enters last day(s)..

          You put more time in getting likes than in your design… I think you started with the wrong idea.

          and if you think your last entry was copied, honestly I don’t -it looks a million times better-, you should be proud they won.

  • Fugi

    I didn’t like number 3 until I saw it in the wood. Now it’s my favorite. Great job.

  • dfectiv

    oh man im happy I made it to one of the favorite designs, however what am I ever gonna do with a $25 off a midi fighter spectra? Im kinda broke so I couldnt even afford even half the price :))

    • doclvly

      send it this way. Ill steal a purse if I have to. (Kidding)

  • Thejone

    Wow! Really nice work!

  • Stewe

    Awesome! #6 looks super cool.

  • Ferreira

    that sucks!!!but, rules can be changed anytime here so 🙂

  • The egyptian/hieroglyphs one is so killer! Curious on what the colors will be for that one.

    • The colors will be up to you, it will become a normal top option in the configuration window.

  • 32digits

    2+6 best, because they didn’t use vectors and they are Godlike

    • Fugi

      What do you mean but didn’t use vectors? They have to be a vector file to meet the required output.

    • Doclvly

      And how are you sure the didn’t use “vectors”. You do know that everyone of these entries could have been made with vectors, and probably were.

      • Dee

        My whole design was in fact “vector” But was a vector that i created using my own style, When i sent my design to Mitch i gave him the raw A.I. File so if there had of been any cheating he would have been able to notice this from these files mate…..

    • mattmangrease

      I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you mean PRE-MADE Vectors, as it was specifically a vector based competition… and using raster images would be absolutely abysmal for this type of work.

    • Fugi

      I’m pretty sure 6 wasn’t hand drawn. I am going to guess they were straight lines and then he used the the spiral tool and/or envelope distort.

      • 32digits

        yeah i meant pre-made vectors 🙂

  • ChipLoadup

    Why can’t I see the images?

    • Still having an issue? Seems to working okay over here.

  • 1 2 and 3 were my favs, nice work everyone!

    • Dee

      Cheers Mate

  • #4 is dope….my favorite

    • Doclvly

      Idk, I like the concept more than the execution. I’m sure it will look better on wood.

      • doclvly

        dam, it does look good. That mock up shut me up.

  • mattmangrease

    I LOVE number two!

  • djelevation

    Hats off to the winners. I actually like 4 of the 5 (I am not of fan of #1).

    I also realize design contest are super subjective, it all depends on personal style and taste, but a few of the top twenty leave me with a WTF feeling. Seriously? Poorly executed ninjas and that crappy alien-ish head with the DJTT logo kinda floating are just plain bad designs. I don’t like the bombs, but at least the art and concept is well executed…I know you guys pick based on originality usually but those are neither original nor well crafted and it bums me out when there were better choices to pull from.

    Overall though, the truly good submissions did win. Congrats!

    • For slight clarification, just because it was an honorable mention doesn’t mean it was top 20 and vice versa.

      • djelevation

        My comment stands whether those were honorable mentions or the top twenty (which is kinda a different name for the same thing don’t you think). Several of the designs violate the guidelines of the contest with stroke weights, etc and some are just childish. Again, the ones that won deserve it (even if I don’t like #1).

        • No, I don’t think they are the same. The entires which had violated the guidelines were naturally not in the top 20. The top 20 were the best designs that were marketable and efficiently re-produceable. Honorable mentions came after the winners had been selected, via staff members picking their particular favorite designs [regardless of marketability]. And as you noted – taste in designs is purely subjective.

          • #2, and #6, everything else up there looks like cheap cheesy garbage which detracts from the simple minimal purpose of the midi-fighter brand and aesthetic. Super surprised any but 2 & 6 were picked, they’re very ‘niche’ oriented (as is the midi fighter controller) but fuck, those other 4 are WEEEAAK.

          • Guest

            Its also hilarious that the graphic over the winning logo of the ‘olive leaves’ looks like a cheap ass copied/pasted vector.

          • Hilarious is one word for it… However, creating the assets for the article, writing it, and managing the contest as a whole, on top of my normal already demanding job leads me to a different word. Thank you for the input though… I will try to make something better if I do it again!

          • Thanks for the opinion Stan. To each his own is the only adequate response I can garner. We stand by our choices… the contest was for simple fun and cost nothing to anyone but us [my time in particular] – its impossible to please everyone, but I did my best.