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  • stasis

    Wow – the notation idea is frigging brilliant – how have i not thought of a symbolic system like that – just awesome

  • frank bash
  • How do you change the color scheme of the waveforms again?

  • also you can get a tenth feild on the header by using album art. I’ve created some images in paint which I use to to mark the key of the track so that I can get an extra feild on my deck header.

  • whoops

    I fill the comments section with information such as energy level, mood (dark,happy), vocals/instrumental etc.

    • I do the same… I have a 5 level system, from Warm Up to Peak Energy. I also use the rating stars here to help give a second level of energy to the tracks. So I could have something be in the Peak time slot, but be a lower energy level than another track in the Peak slot, with a 4 star instead of 5

  • if only it would allow for scrolling horizontally… I write the key at the end of a track title which combined with the remix name (“Jacques Lu Cont’s Thin White Duke Vocal Remix”, anyone?) can make up for quite some text.. and if you’re curious to know if you loaded the ‘Vocal’ or ‘Dub’ remix, you’re sh!t outta luck. So…. let’s allow them to scroll, pls?

    • You could just rename the file name with the key first…

  • Metalgearrr

    can we get a link to peedot’s podcasts/page? Trap fan here ^_^

  • Joakim Carley

    There is one really stupied thing about those rows. For example, I have a MB pro 13″ that uses 4 channels… There for I would like to turn off the middle row and the bottom but when I do that the black field is still there. I even turned off the albumpicture… Is there any way to make that infofield smaller… Buhu

  • Rayz

    Thanks for the article. “Time to Cue” would be really useful for back-timing short spoken word/speech samples from movies etc. to the drop.

    • If you’re clever, you can do some quick mental arithmetic to get Time to Cue from Beats to Cue.