• BrokenMouth

    lol im caught in MoeHawks show!!!

  • y pay to watch other work…? hit the club…

    • jerville

      Yes, it’s lame

      • Are you guys being serious? Mixify is probably the best platform to share your mixing ability with others. They’re are not looking for you to forget going out clubbing and sit infront of your computer all night. But for those sat infront of a computer at work, you can listen to a live DJ. And with the new monile app you can have Mixify where ever. This site beats any of the radio stations where I come from. But, if you’d rather be play to your self all evening then watch someone else do it in a club, go ahead

      • Brian Ippolito

        First of all, we stream from the club using Mixify, If you are DJs then you are certainly missing out on a whole other crowdbase from other countries and all over the world, so go ahead and go to your tiny little club. When i play, i have fans all over the world…. TAI

        Brian Eye

    • tr4gik

      I think the one that pays is the broadcaster .. but anyways yeah hit the freakin club.