• franco danino

    how do you use the midi fighter spectra for finger drumming on tractor 2

  • ENDI

    Hello guys, Can i use the ”midi finger specrta” on serato dj into with numark n4! thank you?

  • Manu

    Cool mappings…. can you have two mappings on traktor and switch between the two depending on which one you need? or does it create problems?

    • Stewe

      This would require internal mapping banks in traktor, You can currently switch between mappings if you got both loaded in device menu and setting MIDI ports to the mapping you’re using.

  • bijanstein3000

    this makes me feel like returning my MF3D and buy a spectra!

    • We are working on an updated firmware for the 3D which makes it easy to make mappings work for both the 3D and Spectra – this means if you have a 3D you can use all these mappings soon.

  • Stewe

    Thanks for sharing guys! I’d like to add that my Spectra Isolate mapping not only allows popular INSTANT Gratify effects to be applied to any of EQ bands but it can be also used in combo with any of your favorite controllers as an Isolator deck that can be used to route all of Traktor effect/combo mappings.

  • bluemonkey

    Why has the midifighter 3D been almost ‘replaced’ by the spectra

    • with the new firmwares all the new 3D and Spectra mappings will be interchangeable.

  • Dean Deckstar-Studio Gillen

    Thanks for featuring my latest video in this post 😀 😀 check out my other dj routines by searching Deckstar F1 on youtube 🙂

  • Marquee Mark

    Here’s a question- has anyone mapped the Midifighter in Serato DJ yet as a secondary controller?!

    • Dan White

      Good question – not that we’ve got in DJTT Maps yet!

      • Chris

        I hope someone does soon otherwise I won’t be buying one. Us Serato guys never get love other than from Pioneer (DDJ-SX). I’m all about doing my own mappings but would love an “official” mapping from DJ TechTools. My skills are kinda weak.