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Video: sssShawnnnn’s Pizza Rolls on Midi Fighter 3D, Trigger Finger

Metal and EDM don’t go together, right? Wrong! 19-year-old mashup producer sssShawnnnn proves it in this routine combining the Midi Fighter 3D and the M-Audio Trigger Finger. His video description elaborates:

My friend Ian left his Midi Fighter 3D at my house, and I made something with it. […] Controller stuff is recorded live into Ableton. Several automations are used to switch the samples and light mappings throughout the track. Guitars and bass guitar are prerecorded to allow for double-tracking, lead and rhythm sections, chopping up, and post-processing.

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The Midi Fighter 64

Need more buttons? We know many of you have been waiting patiently to see if we were going to make Midi Fighter 64 available to everyone – not just a custom one off controller for a single artist.

Here’s a real update: the 64 is coming in the next few months. You can be one of the first people to get one by signing up on the official list here on

Details on pricing, timeline, and all that other information is still being finalized, but if you’re on that list you will be the first to know, first able to preorder, etc. Stay tuned!


  • tr4gik

    Dafuq! Do you feed kidz these days Damn. I agree this are true performers, the ones that should be up in festivals, true musicians. Not just some press play jesus posing prick. I mean DJS will still have there place always, doing a good DJ set is still and will always be an art. But it will be like it always ment to be, behing the booth.

  • timeless

    Really good, I assume quant was used, to the repkace jeremy ellis comment, not even close. Nice ending…

  • Faibo Xellent

    after watching this…i’m selling all my gear and retire to the mountains…chop some wood…grow some domestic animals…

    ps: give the man a Midi Fighter! Pls!

  • Boarderbas

    Send midifighter to kid, interview kid, make explanatory video, put kid in opening show, give him Jeremy Ellis’s job, whatever….. DJTT, don’t just feature the video; DO SOMETHING!

  • DJ_ForcedHand

    And to think… this all started with “Simon” in the ’80s. Great job though, I hope to see more routines just like this.

  • 32digits

    This is really really really really good :p

    It’s amazing!

  • Anonymous

    At first I thought, in the first 10 seconds, OK, this must be a joke. But I said, naw, DJTT doesn’t joke around with front page posts. Hmmm, then a few seconds later, I thought. Wow, ok. This is really interesting on several levels. And its well done too. No mistakes. Then about minute 2 I was WTF! OMG! The solo on the MF! And I was hooked and I’ve watched the video now three times.

    Impressive stuff gentlemen.

    About the “press play pony show DJ” comment, I have to agree. Sooner or later DJs are going to have to be more musical performers to get anywhere with the name “DJ” really. Or we give these kinds of guys a new name and get them off being “DJs”, because, in the end, they aren’t. They are musicians.

    Great show! Thanks for posting too DJTT!


  • Dalton Conner

    press play pony show DJ’s won’t survive much longer. People will be expecting a real live performance in the future of electronic music. This is the next level. Most current DJ’s won’t be able to keep up.

    • Killian Carlsen

      I have to disagree. There are plenty of occasions and situations where a press play dj is suited. This performance is very cool, but its more of a rock star thing.

  • deejae snafu

    mad props dude keep up the great work

  • Evan Moore

    This video just gave me a sugar rush

  • genjutsushi

    just give that man a job! Top class work sssShawn

  • nightcorex

    This just blew my mind. Nice job!

  • Ian Tsuchiura

    Guys, this is the Ian mentioned in the video. Send Shawn a Midi Fighter so he can stop asking for mine! lol

  • sssShawnnnn


    • Evan Moore

      so what ibanez are you using there?

      • sssShawnnnn

        RG4EX1 😉

  • nice! I may have to step my game up a little.

  • Bustin’

    someone plays a lot of guitar hero haha, fantastic routine though!

  • Sporadic


  • Dan White

    Favorite moments, anyone?

    • Anonymous

      Guitar Solo @1:59 blew me away!

      • Me

        !! Amazing 🙂

      • Str4nger

        Watermark at 2:06 just after the freaking solo

    • DJ.irias

      anyone who uses System Of A Down in a routine gets mad props from me…