• mark quest

    good interview but the interviewer “Rob Da Bank” (LOL) is a knob.

  • Chris Cracknell

    I like his productions and everything he has done for music and video, but I think he sucks as a dj, or at least does now. He isn’t doing anything special and playing average tunes, nothing special at all.

  • Jon-Michael DeShazer

    I have always loved Norman Cook. I love everything he stands for in electronic music since the first time I heard ‘Going out of my Head’ in 1997. It felt like I was listening to something that had never been created before. Long after this “EDM” craze dies off here in the US, he’ll still be going strong and doing what he loves. I still listen to his albums in regular rotation on my iPod and learn so much from his production techniques.

  • Anonymous

    Good interview… however, that Ultra Music Festival set of his is atrocious… He knows how to play his audience I guess. Based on the Interview, I’d find myself in the Coxy tent for the ‘legit’ fatboy slim set.

  • Crack on then mateje, love it.