• Guest

    JustGo Music is doing a brilliant job of putting their ads onto all of the DJ blog websites.. that’s about it. Strange because they’re still in a beta stage and the multiple uploads aren’t even fully functional (tagging).

    Disappointing DJTT posted this junk.. I wasn’t surprised to see it on digital dj tips. I wonder how much they’re paying these sites.

  • Djjaron

    Justgomusic , Dabomb.. A recent contest we ran on FB, we had users, submit their best track list for certain artists on the label, whoever won got a free set of Sols and their playlist to be played at a day party. Very successful campaign. Cheers

  • Brad Smith

    Hey guys, mentioning this thing“pigeonholed DJs” “successful DJs have is being stuck to one particular genre, so demonstrating on a semi-regular basis that you are capable of laying down blistering drum & bass, Ibiza chill out, or funk & soul, will help soften any walls that fans have naturally built around you.”
    Is it a good thing? to be or not to be? Wouldnt mind other peoples opinion on it 🙂

  • and by me i mean you

    thanks for making these great articles, being able to participate in Ean’s online growth while also learning what’s involved and the steps that make it happen is so valuable

  • shufflesam

    Thats it. Im sold. JustGomusic for the win!

  • Oliver Force

    Great article Mr. Church! JustGoMusic it’s really a “must have” !