• Kingchristian

    Anyone win yet?

  • Austin Dikastrio

    17 days later, still nothing … what are you doing guys ?!

  • King Christian

    When will the winners be chosen?

  • Tr1z

    Can someone please let me know when the winners will be announced?

  • Guest

    It’s a good concept but not necessary.

  • Danek Christian Gherman

    Posted this on Reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/Beatmatch/comments/1h92eu/dj_tech_tools_is_hosting_a_survey_you_could_win/

    Interesting to see as what the outcome from this survey will be.

    • james

      m8 did you compress the post?

  • AntBruss

    When are the winners going to be announced?

  • mor4sso

    User feedback FTW

  • Dylan Lemuz

    awsome in amazing Tech Tools.