• Armchair Pirate

    My subs do 103db as low as 27hz, I will gladly battle a pioneer system with my PA.

  • Lee Miller

    I cant wait to see the price of these speakers, if they are priced anything like their Pro DJ range then they will be horrendously over priced, and before anyone has a go I already own 2x CDJ2000’s & 1x DJM900. I love them so much just wish they were cheaper like everyone else out there.

  • Fort knox

    PK sound would embarrass these speakers

  • KRU2000

    Woah, nice to see my local club Vertigo listed as a reference! Cheers!

  • Josh

    -3db at 50 Hz ??? That stinks!

  • Shawn Q

    Bertha’s, Levan Horns, and Tweeter arrays are all back in style once again I see. This is a re-imagining of the original Richard Long (RLA) systems found in Paradise Garage and many other legendary New York clubs. Those systems were later improved by GSA and Phazon and placed in clubs such as Twilo, Vinyl, and many more.

    A lot of you younguns have probably never heard a system with Levan horns. It is a very different bass sound from Funktion one and Alpha Concept. They don’t go extremely low, but they have much more thump.

  • Clay Ford

    It’ll probably just be like all of their other products. Really good, but there’s better out there for half the price lol.

    • pu???sb?u

      When you find an equivalent to my nexus 900 for half the price let me know…

      • Clay Ford

        Denon DN-X1600, Ecler Evo’s, Xone92’s for the analogue fans….Okay, maybe not half the price, but significantly cheaper. Or you could pay the same price (or cheaper) for a Xone:DB2 which leaves the 900 dead in a ditch.

        • RJ

          I don’t think you have actually used all the mixers you stated. No need to start another argument on the internet… just cause you think you know what you are saying.

          • Clay Ford

            And how would you know what I have or have not played on? Do you follow me and secretly spy on me? That’s absolutely creepy. Anyways, IN MY OPINION, Pioneer for mixers are the bottom of the high end class. It’s my opinion, deal with it. There are better for cheaper. Yes I said half the price, but I like to exaggerate. Anyways, I’m okay with Pioneer mixers. They’re easy to play on with a simple layout and if you’ve played on one Pioneer it’s pretty easy to get used to playing on other Pioneer mixers of different series (ie. moving from an 800 to 900 is dead simple). I wasn’t a fan of the equalizer bands or the sound (too digital, not very warm like an A+H or Rane) but that’s just me.

      • Lee Miller

        Thats right there is nothing better that the 900 Nexus for half the price 😀 I love mine and I didn’t mind the price AMAZING Mixer 😀

  • Alvaro Sandoval

    Let the monopoly continue..