• Youhow2

    This looks like the new DJC.4

    You guys gonna review it or what? It’s out now…

  • Val

    Looks similar to the S4 with 4band EQ, bigger job wheels and those pads of course

  • The CrowdBoy

    good to see that they have finally decide to make it! it can be a great controller for small parties with low budget where you might not want to take your more expensive equipment

  • KIO

    Wow, this little heads up about this controller is already on DJTT for two days and still no comments whatsoever. I hope for Gemini that in shops there will be more interest for this controller than here on DJTT.

    • Toastmonster

      It’s not on the main page blog page. You need to go to Blog > Breaking News to see this. Doesn’t get as much traffic. Only traffic is via the 1 tweet they posted.