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Behind the Scenes with Ean In Costa Rica [video]

A few weeks ago Ean spent some time in Costa Rica getting to know the local DJ scene, playing a few shows, and teaching some classes to aspiring DJs and producers – and the folks over at DJLab Costa Rica were nice enough to shoot a great behind-the-scenes minidocumentary of Ean’s time in the country. Watch the 10 minute video below and learn a bit more about the Costa Riccan electronic music vibe and Ean’s experience there – including his feelings on the local coffee!

  • Krus

    Wha. But. When! How! FUCK! Im in CR too and didnt hear a thing. Time to go back to fb I guess…

  • Bis

    I love it Ean! My homeland. I miss it so much. I hear that the scene has grown so much. 17 years… I have to go back!!!

  • Anonymous

    I’m absolutely gutted that I missed this! Anyone know how I can stay in the loop for the next trip so I don’t miss it again

  • Bastian Kreitz 😀
    And by the way … looks like a great project!
    A Online-Version about the five hours of your workshop will be gorgeous ;).

  • Gustavo

    Ean Thank you, for coming to Costa Rica, And remember that our Doors are open, Any time you want to Come back!!!

  • Pablo M Cardozo

    WooW!!! This is what we really need here in URUGUAY, someone like you Ean teaching us the secrets of controllerism!!! Sería un enorme placer tenerte para que nos des unas clases y verte en acción!!! Salú!!!