• Zain Mehdee

    Living in Dresden, ready to get involved!
    Can travel to Berlin easy too!

  • Mark

    Visit Asia, come to singapore

  • James ‘Pioneer’ Burkill

    Manchester, UK is a must for a couple of reasons.
    1, the city has some boss clubs & dance music heritage.
    2, there are some also great, dance music studio schools in the city….

  • Anonymous

    I would show up if you guys came to Stockholm or Copenhagen. I would properly have to sell everything I own and leave my wife and kid without a house, but I would be there!

  • frederik

    Copenhagen pllz! 😀

  • Anonymous

    Would love to have you guys come to the Caribbean. Trinidad to be specific, we could pull DJ’s from all over the Caribbean for a sweet session. We have all the infrastructure you need!


  • RMAC

    Do you guys have any workshops in California, I would be willing to travel to SF to one or LA

  • Jonas

    Mad Zach is already in Europe I think, in Berlin… I saw him play in Hamburg it was insane!

    • yeah

      in hamburg? when??? was he in hamburg?

      • Anonymous

        I voted for a workshop in Hamburg too!

  • Eddi Gee

    Hi! Here in Luxemburg there are a lot of deejays and students interesting in such workshops! We’re actually a dj-school and booking agency here. So having DJTT-members could be amazing! Please come see us! Thanks

    Eddi Gee

    More Infos :


  • MYE

    Come to Adelaide Australia and i’ll play at the show 😀

    • haz2y5

      and melbourne

      • RizkiLamid45G

        and make a detour to Asia (SouthEast Asia) too, please =) that would be freakin awesome cuz most of the local DJ’s thirst for some digital knowledges! Guaranteed a full pack house !

  • Not a Cockney

    There’s more to the UK than London you know guys 😉

    • Boi_London

      Agreed. But should you consider London, a kick off in the Apple store on regent street may work, in the past there’s been Ableton events held there in the evening for people to travel off peak into london and for those to come in after work for a couple of hours. (7-9pm)

  • EasyStreet

    Copenhagen! It would be awesome;P

  • TheGenius

    Lithuania ( Vilnius )

  • Chaser720

    Wanna hit the east coast (US) on the way back? I’d love to come to a workshop in ATL.

  • K-DUST

    Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa — we can produce the series. cheers!

    • Hayden

      Vancouver would be nice too !

    • Alfredo

      Maybe you guys are not aware of this, but those cities are in Canada and Canada is not part of Europe

    • K-DUST

      @disqus_ODE58YkUSs:disqus – let’s not worry about technical details here. Canada does have a European flair to it. What’s important is that we have the skills and resources to produce a tour (we regularly fly in creative talent to Canada)

      @disqus_qDiA1ja9Hi:disqus – we can produce Vancouver, Calgary, Victoria and Edmonton, too, but will have to check if there is a large enough market there first. Cheers!

  • Randall Kludt

    or you could set your horizons on south america… Santiago Chile loves electronic music!

  • Boye Ingwersen

    If they come to Amsterdam, I will definately come to the workshop!

    • Jayvee

      Me too. that’d be awesome!

      • Romyn

        Besides, NOT visiting Amsterdam during the Amsterdam Dance Event would be just plain stupid.

        • Animine

          Yeah! ADE would be a great opportunity!

        • Feroxz

          Agreed, ADE is the right event to pull this off.