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Serato DJ 1.3: FX Expansion Packs, Twitch + VCI-300 Support

Serato is releasing a brand new version of Serato DJ, 1.3 – and it’s got more that we were expecting. The new iteration of the software allows users to purchase, download, and install brand new FX expansion packs from iZotope (the design team behind Serato DJs effects).

The version also allows every Serato DJ-compatible controller to use Slip Mode, and includes support for the Novation Twitch, the Vestax VCI-300, and the VFX1 deck controller.

Should be very interesting to see what type of effects packs Serato trots out over the next year – this creates yet another great low-cost revenue stream for them, so it’s likely that we’ll see a bunch.

Care to see the whole feature list from the press release? See below:


• Serato DJ 1.3.0 comes with two brand new FX Expansion Packs, containing new FX powered by iZotope.
• The Wolf Pack, available as a free download, and the Back Pack, which is available to purchase for USD19.
• Expansion Packs can be purchased / activated in-app within the Serato DJ ‘Online’ window, or from the Serato Online Store.
• Each new FX Expansion Pack comes loaded with several base FX for use in Single FX Mode, plus, a large number of base FX variations for use in Multi FX Mode.


• Favorite FX allows you to customize the FX select drop down menus that appear in Serato DJ, showing the FX you choose as your favorites.
• Maintain your growing FX list, and easily Add / Remove FX to your favorites list to suit your own performance needs.

• With Serato DJ 1.3.0 anyone using a supported Serato DJ controller will now be able to use Slip Mode.
• When Slip Mode is activated you can manipulate the audio as normal (e.g Scratching, Looping, triggering Cue Points etc) however, once you have finished, the playback position is returned to where it would be if you had not manipulated the audio.
• Slip Mode can also be MIDI mapped to a secondary MIDI controller if your hardware doesn’t have a dedicated Slip Mode button.

• Novation Twitch and Vestax VCI-300 controllers are of?cially supported with a Free Upgrade to Serato DJ 1.3.0.
• The VFX1 FX add on controller is also of?cially supported with Serato DJ 1.3.0 and can be used with any supported Serato DJ controller.
• To learn how these controllers are mapped to Serato DJ, please view their new QuickStart Guides at
• Serato DJ 1.3.0 also supports the following Serato DJ Intro controllers as a paid upgrade: Numark Mixtrack Pro, Mixtrack Pro II, Mixdeck, Mixdeck Express, N4, Pioneer DDJ-ERGO, DDJ-WeGO1, Reloop TM2, Reloop TM4, Vestax VCI-400, Vestax Typhoon and Denon MC2000 controllers.
• Users of these controllers also have the option to activate a Free 14 Day Trial and unlock the fully functional software to take advantage of all the advanced features it has to offer. Easy to activate within the software, just download Serato DJ 1.3.0 and follow the instructions in-app.

  • Sean

    Hello, I really want to get the new expansions for my DDJSX, but on the right corner of my screen it only appears the license tab, no “download” one. Any help you could provide would be amazing, thankes.

  • ?Phusion?

    I’ve been waiting for this release for the entire summer, thank fuck they’re finally supporting the Vestax VCI300Mk2. I don’t have the expansion FX board and had been using an easter egg in ITCH that allowed me to use the Hi/Low knobs as HPF/LPF… it appears this does not exist in Serato DJ. Am I screwed? Do I need to buy the FX board, or is there a way to enable the same functionality?

    • KIO
      • ?Phusion?

        4. Change the waveform colours to represent actual output

        Uhm… what? I know how to enable the Super Filter in ITCH, but that doesn’t work in Serato DJ.

        • inaudible

          Same problem here Phusion, really miss that Super Filter knob, from my wee bit of research online it doesn’t exist

        • KIO

          Yeah, made a typo there. Scroll a bit further though and read Tip #8

          • ?Phusion?

            No, that’s for Serato ITCH, not Serato DJ…. if you bothered to read my comment at all..

            ” I don’t have the expansion FX board and had been using an easter egg in ITCH that allowed me to use the Hi/Low knobs as HPF/LPF… it appears this does not exist in Serato DJ.”

          • KIO

            Hold on your pants there dude, I’m just trying to help. I did read what you wrote, but was under the impression that it worked in DJ as well, if it doesn’t that’s my bad.

          • ?Phusion?

            I have a firm grip on my pants, and I was quite clear in my comment that I used to use the superfilter easter egg in ITCH and that the same thing doesn’t work in DJ. I’m not mad, just pay attention.

          • yeradick

            You’re a dick bro… “just pay attention”… dood was just trying to give some input, incorrect or not, a simple “Thanks for the reply man, but I think you may have missed something, I actually need this to work for…” would have been fine.

          • ?Phusion?

            Noted, but all he had to do was read my comment, missed something? He didn’t even read it… I could have been a lot worse. I appreciate his effort, but I clearly states in my comment that I knew the superfilter trick on ITCH.. plain and simple.

          • What_a_dick…

            What a dick…

  • James Brian Thomaston

    Anyone else have issues with cpu usage at 50% while idle, and going through the roof once you start actually using it?

    • Yes, I only have 2ghz of processor when 2.4 is recommended, but I don’t have any other options. I just bought it yesterday and it kept crashing, making me really mad. I read that you can help the cpu overload by turning the audio latency to the slowest setting, and change the screen updates setting down to around 20 or 30, or lower.

  • Mojaxx

    I’ve done a walkthrough video demonstrating the new FX expansion packs in some detail, so you can decide if the paid add-on is worth the money…

  • KIO

    Wow, I hope you didn’t strain yourself there Dan, writing such an in depth essay about Serato. 🙂 🙂

    • tr4gik

      beause this is a NI’s favoring site?

  • Massive 🙂 Loving it so far! I hope someone produces a new overlay I can slap on mine considering the new mappings 🙂

  • Jayvee

    Hurray! Twitch support!