• Robert A.

    It’s a very creative mix and concept. I like the sound of a cassette being put into a deck and then the mix starts. Pretty cool attention to detail.

    Interesting how the cassette distortion was a bit much for some people when analog distortion is said to be naturally soothing. Which why it sounds better than digital distortion.

    Nothing wrong with that, not everyones ears are the same. I’m the same with AM radio. I start getting headaches after listening for a bit for some reason (AM radio).

  • Thebuttonfreak

    This does sound like Detroit though, I remember listening to these type of distorted mixes from the D way back when. I think this is just a reference to that feeling, listening to badly recorded tapes in your car with speakers that couldn’t handle the bass. Great mix but the distortion is a bit heavy handed.

  • jlad

    Love the Detroit sound, not so in love with the tape distortion here. It took away from the listening experience for me, rather than add to it, which I assume was not his goal. Perhaps if he wasn’t so heavy handed with it, I could get on board, but it just sounds abrasive.

  • Lylax

    is this a fucking joke? this is the podcast that blows your socks off??
    this blog is good for one thing….testing new equipment. this mix sounds like he turned the gain up on both decks, then turned down the main mixer volume. last time I checked that sounds fucking horrible….oh wait you wanted that sound and achieved with tape…..great fucking engineering skills.

    just to make sure I have my shit straight here….if anyone on this forum / board posted a mix like this it would be shunned. No one wants to hear distortion. if that is what your going for then you need to re evaluate your audio engineering skills. this mix is SHIT!!

    this douche makes this horrible / lo-fi / dream house mix and its a hit? the music would be amazing if I could hear the mix but the audio fucking asshole spectrum your playing it out of is making it sound like shit.

    I am surprised at RA for letting this shit hit the airwaves. I am even more surprised your praising this kind of audio bullshit.

    • Darnelle

      Go back to the beatport top 100..

  • Paco Loco

    Great mix and great tune selections!
    I agree with some others that the distortion is overdone though – it just sounds like a really bad quality recording and gets tiring to listen to.

  • mispel

    I like the tunes, but the overwhelming distortion is really tiring. I kind of like the concept, but if I hadn’t read the description I’d be looking through my signal chain trying to figure out what was totally clipping. In my ears, that technique may have been done a little heavy handedly.

  • Nogui

    I made cassette mixes for many years, but I tried to to avoid the distortion, lol. Great selection!

  • DJGaryB

    From the minute I hit play this shit is banging, got my head nodding to this shit. The cassette distortion effect is dope as it kinda takes me back to the old days.

  • Bcrogan

    This is some Mother Trucking ish from the D bitches. Greatest music city on the plant.

    • Brappppppppp

      Thank you.

  • Alfredo

    Can’t believe people don’t like this, it’s an awesome mix, that Detroit vibe is unbelievable, and the cassette distortion gives a warm old feel, but maybe most of djtt readers are too young to appreciate this, no offense but I think it’s the result of too much brostep i guess

    • 51bass

      I lived through most of the 70s and 80s and owned 1000s of casettes. Even recording direct from AM/FM radio my tapes never sounded this bad. It’s a shame cause there are good tunes but the distortion is so overbearing my ears are exhausted after 10 minutes.

  • Jungle Groove

    I enjoyed the mix! Heard traces of old Detroit with some deep bass!! Wish I had my cerwin 18 blasting this instead of my headphones!

  • Robin Renwick

    for this series, i would suggest….https://soundcloud.com/laurent-garnier/20-years-of-sonar
    massive meaning, legendary artist – unbelievable mix.

  • Llama on acid
  • DubluW

    Well as with any pretentious Bullshit, i don’t get it.

    • Steve

      So if anyone tries anything different to the norm it’s pretentious bullshit?

      • Oevl

        So we are supposed to accept everything that is different to the norm just because of the virtue of trying ?

  • jim

    I don’t get that genre of music, all the songs are impossible to tell from each other. Maybe that makes them easier to mix since they already blend into one another. Solid mix though, I just don’t get that weird old cocktail party music.

  • 51bass

    sorry the cassette recording distortion is just too much for my ears. Had to stop 10 minutes into the mix and now I’m stuck at work with a headache. Shame cause the tunes are pretty good.

  • p12

    an mpc 1k brotha!
    Checkin’ out the album, love the sound so far