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Honey I Shrunk The Novation Launchpad Mini

Novation just finished adding two other products to their controller line – but now they’ve gone and shrunk down their biggest hit, the Launchpad, into the Launchpad Mini. The new miniature version of the controller aims to be “the Launchpad for the iPad generation”, with a scaled-down size that makes portability the number-one priority.

The unit draws full bus power from an iPad or computer, and is plug-and-play compatible with the Novation Launchpad app for iPad, as well as Mac/PC installs of Ableton Live and FL Studio. Watch the full details in the hero video below:

The Launchpad Mini comes out October 2013, with an expected street price of $99.99.

Anyone else think that Novation might have developed a shrink ray to try to make their own version of the Monome? 

  • Miguel

    i can use that whit traktor pro 2?

  • leavesremix

    I don’t see the appeal personally. I’d rather have a normal sized Launchpad! The mini isn’t small enough to make a significant savings on space, but it is small enough to make it much more difficult to play and use.

    • Jonathan

      The price appeals to me more.

      • leavesremix

        I original launchpad had a similar price later in its lifespan from what i remember. The S seems a bit overpriced to me, so if I were to get one, it would likely be the mini based on that alone.

  • Scott Frost

    Why bother with the S at all then?

  • davidtmusic

    I really wish that I could use my own samples with the launchpad app! I would be even happier if ableton made an ipad app.

    • davidtmusic

      PS, if anyone knows of an ipad app capable of playing back samples locked to a clock, please let me know!

  • DJ_ForcedHand

    Please, please, please… someone tell Novation to get over the bi-color LEDs and move on to Full Color, Velocity Sensitive pads (or maybe even buttons). Red, Yellow, and Green isn’t cutting it anymore… did they corner the market on bi-color LEDs?

    • doclvly

      for some people full color LED isn’t necessary. I remember when I was whining that there wasn’t a cheap push out there yet, but to be honest if your making music it shouldn’t matter. You should know your instrument and your songs.

      • DJ_ForcedHand

        Novation makes “In Control” ( velocity sensitive, bi-color LED lit) pads on the LaunchKey Mini. I don’t expect it’ll be long until Novation brings that technology to a LaunchPad… so that’ll be half the problem addressed.

        The reason I want more colors is that I (and probably others out there) already use different colors to differentiate different parts of a song by a specific color. I get that the LaunchPad is designed as a “clip launcher”, but Novation made it because that’s what people were demanding and it was less expensive than the Akai APC 20. I don’t need all the features of the Ableton Push on a device, but I need a few core elements now that I’ve been spoiled by using devices with full color and velocity sensitive pads.

  • S_Rig

    Personally I mainly use ableton for DJing along with my UC33e. Launchpad mini is probably gonna be the perfect addition for clip control. Something I was looking a long time now.

  • bradips

    i doubt that you have something like monome but it is a really cool product

  • jigsaw

    bought launchpad S 1 month back and now i read this ..

  • coolout

    never mind. found it.

  • Mike Graham

    Actually a brilliant idea. Would be a great apc40 alternative for travelling and playing in tight places.

    • Mike Graham

      Any idea on price? I am guessing $99 US

      • Dan White

        Yep, can now confirm that street price will be $99!

    • DJ_ForcedHand

      Especially with the LaunchControl (also $99 in October).

  • coolout

    Has Novation posted a pic of the mini and launchpad side-by-side? Just how small is it.

    • Dan White


  • dj crossfade

    my launchpad had a baby i never been so proud (tears up with joy)