• DJTroha

    This script is now available on GitHub


  • http://blog.robksawyer.com robksawyer

    I’ve updated the package for Mac users. I also made it run with a bit more memory. This’ll be useful for the folks with larger libraries. You can download a new version at http://www.mediafire.com/download/2t7ve9equidi7h4/traktor_key_converter_mac.zip.

  • ekli

    I doesn’t work for me, did the same as in description but no results.

    Traktor 2.6.8
    mac osx 10.5.8

  • http://vogelmann.me vogelmann

    Hey, I did this; http://vogelmann.me/the-ultimate-harmonic-mixing-composing-chart/

    Maybe it’s useful for one or the other. :-)

  • nihal

    i extracted the files to the source traktor file..i double clicked on the run batch and then got a new file named collection_out, i backed up the old collection file and renamed the new one collection .i opened tracktor but nothing changed…!! i use a windows 7 ..if someone please upload a video about the tutorial as to how to do it correctly it would help me a lot..thank you..!

  • Calub C-Dubb Wyro

    is this working on macs?… hahaha i just saved a bunch on money on djing by not buying mixed in key

  • RoyTejeda

    i still cannot seem to get this to work my key and key text are still in open key format i extracted the .jar file into my latest traktor file and rebooted it still no difference.. am i missing something here?

  • Floorpie14

    Ive followed the instructions and nothing happens…
    running windows 7.
    Anything else to be aware of?
    Thanks in advance

  • Nicolas Balsemin

    I don’t understand. When I run the “RUN” folder nothing happens. I do not have the KEY that appears when I open Taktror.

  • Nicolas Balsemin

    I don’t understand. When I run the “RUN” folder nothing happens. I do not have the KEY that appears when I open Taktror.

  • bruceleeperry

    for any Mac people, read the txt file and substitute LibraryParser.jar where it says .bat

  • Sandro Pacella

    Every time I change any track’s name the key text disappears
    PD: This is the best thing I could have ever downloaded in my life, please solve the problem

  • Papaj

    How to install in Mac tnxs guys

  • Jon

    I dl’d the latest version of TP2 on my new MB PRO and the Key Tags were showing up without having to dl this file. Was there an update that made the .jar file standard with TP2?

    Also I don’t understand the diff between the MIK text and DJ_troha’s key text. 1m = 8a? Please help. I’m’ def missing something haha

  • Ice cold

    Can somebody please explain how to install it on win 7 cause I can’t get it to work :(

  • mks

    For MAC users:
    See link to know how to open .jar files

    worked fine for me using OS X 10.9

  • eduardo

    mac guide please !

  • Luca Toderini

    This work perfect on Mac thanks¡¡¡

  • Martin Grant

    Please, can I have more detailed description of installation on mac??

  • Martin Grant

    can someone help me. i cant run this on mac. thanks for more detailed manual

  • Ruslan Botsyurko

    Thanks very much to the author for creating this script and to DJTT for sharing it as I’m not a reddit user. You can’t imagine how massively it cut the time needed for track preparation. At least for me, using two different tools and syncing the tags between them was a pain in the butt for me. Now all I ever need is Traktor and this handy script. Thanks a lot!

  • Dj Hush

    this does not seem to work on a Mac, if there is a Mac user that has got it to work please comment

    • spencaman

      Right click on the area where you can add in categories, such as artist BPM ect. Enable “Key Text” instead of key and if you had your tracks analyzed it should work.

  • Michael

    Could you tell me step-by-step how to install it in my traktor (Windows System)?

  • Christian

    This will only work if the key is in the track? and if mi track has the Key space in blanck, would it work?

  • Bas Curtiz

    Will this show 8A instead of 1m in the Key-field, for example?
    Under preferences -> Analyze options I’ve set Musical Key to Displayed in Traktor: Open Key / Written to file tags: Open Key
    But I still see Open Key notation in the Key-field…?

    • DJTroha

      Yes, you need to show the “Key Text” column in the library. It will be displayed in there.


    I’m having some trouble… Can someone help ?


    • DJTroha

      If you tell us what’s going on, then we might be able help you.

  • mellonhead

    fastest and most accurate key detection program ever: piano sound on keyboard and your ears! seriously though, i have a hard time trusting auto detection for anything. with a little ear training (that djs who mix in key should do anyway) and you can sort it out with 100% accuracy in about 10 seconds per track.

  • Mr. Meoff

    Would be great if it actually gave you the key to the song, not some code…

    • DJTroha

      What do you mean? It creates a new collection file for you. Traktor will recognize it and be able to write it.

      • tyler layton welker

        ok i cannot figure this out.
        followed the directions included,
        changed the name of the collection folder,
        and still no camelot key!

        the .jar file runs fine, but I am running on a Mac and cannot figure out why it is not appearing in the key text column.
        nothing happens when I try to run the run.bat file….
        but do you need that for a mac?

        PLEAS HELP!

  • Robert Wulfman

    Or you could just select all of your tracks in one key at once and manually change their key field to be open key. Just copy from traktor’s key field. That way you only need one key wheel to reference, no matter what you play on

  • Lord Hyperlord

    Many thanks! That’s what I was looking for.

  • Massakre

    This is handy for one reason that I can think of– Traktor often overwrites my keytext data and I have to let MIK re-tag my entire library over the course of a weekend. After Traktor overwrites it, I have to find it in Windows and re-add it to my library as well. I’ve had to do it once every month or two for as long as I’ve been using MIK (which is about 10 months now I think). I like Camelot as it sorts the most nicely within Traktor. When it’s in OpenKey, I always end up having to F around with it and it’s pissed me off to the point of trying new DJ software (which I’m never 100% satisfied with, of course). If Traktor had even just a basic API, I’d be in heaven. Alas, we end up with weird hacks like this. Kudos to the author. VERY much appreciated.


  • MadeInMachines

    How can we find out when mac version is ready?

    • DJTroha

      It should work for mac already. Jar files will run on any platform. It’s the batch file that won’t work.

  • ithinkmynameismoose

    Could you post a video demonstrating what this does? This looks interesting but I’m not entirely sure what I’d be installing.

    • DJTroha

      All it does is read in the traktor collection file, look at some data, then write some data, and save it. No installation is required. It’s a simple jar file.

  • hauruck

    the mapping from open key to camelot key is trivial. halfway intelligent persons should be able to do the conversion mentally…

  • JP

    I dont get the point of this. You use openkey the same way you would camelot, the number/letter scheme just labels keys in a different order. Or am I missing something?

    • Chaser720

      +7 m=A d=B

    • Roman Seoul

      Of course you can. But this will come in handy if you use multiple DJ platforms. Other software may only read the Key text field and put its own detected keys there. This scripts puts your Traktor key in the same standard that others key detectors use :)

  • doodlepie

    downloading this now before it gets pulled by MIK…

  • pxlbrk

    I may give it a try when NI improves their Key detection algorithm. I’ll stick with MIK in the mean time.

  • Nico

    Ok I get it. The script is targeting people who know and use MIK already. Anyway the others have no reason to use Camelot notation as they will be familiar with openkey…

    Ok why not do that if it bother you. But did you notice that the results were often different? You have a chance to mess up a bit if you translate straight and still use MIK as you risk thinking that the results are compatible while they are not. But if you utterly drop MIK, then fine. Although it had dual key detection and energy level so you would cut down on features.

    But ok, fair enough I see your point.

  • Nico

    And to top it off, apart the fact that the Camelot notation is copyrighted by MIK, it just isn’t very nice to them. They already lost enough business as it is with Traktor internal key finding I guess

    • Chris

      Lost business? Haha, Nah… Technology grows and is always moving forward. MIK will be a lost in the dust here soon enough with how over priced it is to do one simple thing. I think the key thing traktor loses and need made updating on is track sorting and playlists. Everything should be by color

  • Nico

    I don’t see what the hassle of using open key is. You are pretty much always using it in a relative manner, so having a different absolute starting point for the notation is a non issue. Also it just translate the keys found by Traktor key detection. The keys found by MIK are often different. Both are internally compatible, so there is still an advantage in using MIK on top of Traktor, as it gives you more options. You can even make a third pass with KeyFinder and another keying notation if you feel like it.

    • Didu Tasev

      It is important to have both, in case you step in after a dj using camelot and you are using traktor keys. You will need to know what key his track is so you can step in harmonically (which you can check on his screen or just ask him (though you may receive “What do you mean by what key?” as an answer)). It is also important because sometimes you have to step in after a track that doesn’t really get close to what you have in your collection, which is an easy bad mix, even if you do it technically properly, so at least you do it harmonically to compensate. Even though, the mathematics is simple “+7″ :)

  • DJTroha

    Thanks for posting this! If anyone has any questions or issues, just send me a message on Reddit: /u/DJ_Troha

    • canzil

      Thanks for the script, already tested it and work! good job!

    • Phil Oncenes

      Thanks this is what im looking, its so useful to me,. no plan to buy Mixed in Key anymore..

    • Rayan Akiki

      hi…I have my keys written in the comment tab of each song, is it possible to convert those to camelot scale?

      • DJTroha

        Unfortunately not since the script only looks at the Key column

        • Palace One

          I wrote it in the key column but no reaction in the key lyrics…

    • Guest

      Hi, could you please edit the script to add a zero before key 1 to 9? So instead of 1A, 2B,… it saves 01A, 02B and so on. The problem is now that when you arrange tracks by key text and want to mix harmonically for example from 12B to 1A, it lists first tracks 9A to 1B and then 12B to 11A. The zero on the beginning would solve this problem.

      Thanks in advance ;)

      • Ruslan Botsyurko

        Sry for doubleposting, my browser messed up :(

    • Guest

      Hi, could you please edit the script to add a zero before key 1 to 9? So instead of 1A, 2B,… it saves 01A, 02B and so on. The problem is now that when you arrange tracks by key text and want to mix harmonically for example from 12B to 1A, it lists first tracks 9B to 1A and then 12B to 11A. The zero on the beginning would solve this problem.

      Thanks in advance ;)

    • bruceleeperry

      Great work thanks! As someone suggested, making all numbers double-figures would be a great addition to this simple tool.

    • Riggers

      I just did as it was written on my Mac (open the LibraryParser.jar file after putting it in the same folder as your Traktor Collection (Documents>Native Instruments>Traktor 2.6.8)- but nothing happens, i still got same keys in Key Text column.

      Any ideas whats wrong?

    • ra

      How does one edit the jar file to add in the 0 before the number?