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  • Pierre

    What do I do wrong?! Iam having a major brakedown over here!! I can’t find the ” Traktor Collection ” file that I have to set in the preference. Iam STUCK!!!

    • Did you look in the manual (Help Menu->Rekord Buddy Help)? There are very detailed step by step instructions with videos too.

      The Traktor collection file depends on which version of Rekord Buddy you’re using. If you are using the latest and greatest then this is the collection.nml file located in your Traktor directory. If you’re using an older version, I recommend upgrading as the latest one has tons of new features and is easier to use.

      If you have any more problem, don’t hesitate to email support directly (check out Next’s website for more info).

  • Josh Holiday

    hey so the app looks great, i have two locations for my music, my mac pro and mac book air, the mac book air i use to dj w tractor etc, and i have the app on my mac pro, and use record box on my mac pro can i link the two locations together ? the computers are linked via wi fi connection, anyhow great forward thinking on the app please let me know

    • Hey Josh, the current version has no specific support for multiple computers at the moment. It is something that will be in a future version though. For the time being, the only way to make it work would be to make sure the paths are the same on both computers.

      • Josh Holiday

        thanks for the reply i really appreciate it, i think i may just install your app on my lap top, considering that i do have record box on my lap top too. that seems to be the path of least resistance. hopefully i will be able to install a 2nd version of the app w out having to purchase it again

        • You can install Rekord Buddy multiple times as long as you authorize each install with the App Store. Don’t hesitate to contact me at our support email if you encounter any problem.

  • SneakyOne

    Windows, please!

    I use Traktor at home but play gigs on CDJs… a Windows version really would make my life a hell of a lot easier!

  • wswusten

    a way to sync rekordbox and serato would be very nice!

  • Gulli Johansen

    I’ve been using this app for quite some time now and it has been very helpful. A friend of mine who has been using CDJ’s for the last year had problems with one of his cue button so he borrowed my DDJ SX for some gigs could get his whole library synched back to Traktor in 1 click of the mouse 😀

    • mr dorian james

      I got it but really haven’t got any use out of it since it isn’t a automatic thing that I was hoping for. It seems you have to export each database from each program then re import them. I’m sure that’s better than dealing with the metadata individually but it isn’t a one click solution. Unless i’m doing it wrong

      • Dorian, the issue you point out are caused by Traktor and Rekordbox, not Rekord Buddy 🙂 You’ll be glad to know that the latest rev of Rekordbox lets you import straight from the bridge without deleting your tracks first and the next rev of Rekord Buddy will provide a work around for the Traktor side. Stay tuned!

  • tr4gik

    FFFUUUUU only for mac :/

    • Ally Mac

      Damien (below) Im sure see sense….& a windows app will be out for Christmas! 😉

  • Tom

    only for Macs 🙁 🙁 🙁 So still gotta spend those hours on Wins with doing 2x the same job 😀

    • You can blame me, I only have Macs at home 🙂 but the more interest there is for a Windows version the more likely we are to consider it.

      • Ally Mac

        Damien….I can assure you…your sales will go sonic, If you dev a windows app. The majority of Traktor users are on Windows – esp here in Europe (Its MAIN user base too) ….being able to be cross platform with Cdjs…is a DREAM application.

        get on the case please my friend…as I have a few bucks to give you!. 😉

        • Gulli Johansen

          I live in Europe and I have yet to see a Traktor DJ using windows 😀 I know one that uses windows but he’s using VDJ

          • truestorybro

            pretty much the same experience… Traktor bedroom dj´s are using windows pc´s a lot… pretty much every professional cant be bothered with all the horrible dpc issues, viruses etc so they use mac, for very good reason.

          • zzzuperfly

            I think you missed the point – the money is in the bedroom djs – otherwise we all would have djd on technics 1200s – the bedroom djs are the ones that experiment and turn up and change the game. And there is a lot of them – so if you want to target a market in the dj-segment they are the moneyshot not the “oh the sync button has destroyed our profession!” guys.

          • Ally Mac

            They use MAC, as the FAR majority of Users/Pro’s havent the faintest idea of the innerworkings of an O/S. The majority of “Pro’s” as you put it, have the technical knowledge of a 5 yr old.

          • zzzuperfly

            well there at least 2 here on this discussion anyway 🙂

          • Gulli Johansen

            This “The majority of Traktor users are on Windows” is what I was commenting on. My opservation is the opposite. But yes I know lots of DJ have Windows I can see that form problems reports on here and other forums.
            I do think Rekord Buddy should be for windows too.
            Would also be nice if SeratoDJ would be added to the sync. Mixvibes Cross already has a rekordbox import.
            Imagine one library and any change you make in one program can be synced to all other programs in just one sync 😀 just bring you computer windows/mac or USB drive and your ready to play.

          • Ally Mac

            Gulli..exactly where in Europe do you live that seems to be only Mac?. cos Id love to know…I travel/Gig – UK/Poland/Slovakia/Germany/UK/Czech Rp/Holland/Belgium & have done for the last 2 decades… Mac sales is in the minority here in Europe en masse. You seem to still live in the belief of Windows as an inferior O/s my friend. If you visited NI’s site you might find the polar opposite.

          • Gulli Johansen

            I live in the Faroe Islands and have not traveled that much only to denmark, But we get foreign DJ’s and they to always have Mac.
            I was a Windows guy for 20+ years before that DOS, and basic on ABC 800 computer. I’ve released 5 CD’s all recorded on Windows computers.
            My comment was based on that one line “The majority of Traktor users are on Windows” because I had not seen that in real life.

      • fred

        yes please, Windows version. I’ll buy it straight away.


        i will buy the windows version the minute it will show up. Also I teach in amusic school that has 100’s of dj students every year and most use windows. As I teach them traktor and rekordbox…..get the hint????

        • It’s definitely a possibility in the future but I can’t say any more for the time being.

          • Cn Williams

            windows version please 🙂

      • elbowshalds

        Another +1 for Windows.
        I’m sure you’re onto it anyway, as tbh you’d be shooting yourself in the foot if you aren’t covering both platforms with an app as useful as this…

      • Thomas

        DEFINITELLY GOING TO BUY A WINDOWS VERSION FOR 50€ + !!! 🙁 and why that lot? because TIME is MONEY ! 🙂

        Do the windows app till the Xmass please guys !


      • Robin

        Windows version would be great!!!!
        Please…. ^__^