• skyler

    pokemon would be great

  • soulfreaky

    what about this guys?

  • Kyle Mclean

    Anyone else recognize the Synth Teenage from the “One” music video?

  • James Maxx

    Imagine hooking that Thingamajoop up to a car alarm siren.

  • d1rtyduck

    What about Nano Studio on the IPad and IPhone? It’s an amzing tool to create beats and sounds on the way

  • Marcel Helfenstein

    Jawbone Big Jambox, Teenage Engineering OP-1 and a IPad mini. Fits in most backpacks an sounds great! 🙂

  • Max

    What about the Genelec 6010? Not worth it?

  • Levi Logic

    The VRM box ultra portable, allows reference monitoring in your headphones when you cant take the monitors!


  • Mathias Richardson

    The Nintendo DSi: Rytmik, Rhythm Core Alpha II, and Korg DS-1.

    • Patrick FrostGiant Farkas

      I second this! The DS-10 is a great little digital synth and sequencer.

  • Mutis Mayfield

    Behringer is202 ipad dock + some midi controllers (din5) of your choice and you have the best of two worlds: studio & portability.

  • Daggers

    Nano key. need I say more?

    • Sara Simms

      Yes this looks good for producing on the go too.

  • Dan Fisher

    i’d steer clear of the Apogee Duet 2. i’ve had a pretty rough time with it. I’ve been using it in my project studio for about a year with 2 fairly standardly-configured Apple machines running Ableton.. the unit itself “sounds” great… very clear and easy to use when it’s functioning properly. but after several conversations with Apogee tech support and countless hours of trouble shooting, i couldn’t keep it running without frequent dropouts so i switched to another product. seems to be driver related. i hope they get it sorted out because it’s a real shame that such great hardware could be spoiled by shoddy software.

  • Nhan

    Korg Delay Montron. Dirty, small, cheap tape delay.

  • Ewan Collins

    Midi Fighter should be mentioned too.

  • P Feezee

    Yamaha su10 for adding portable hardware lo-fi sampling. The su10 is dirty cheap, runs on batteries and is about the size of a vhs tape. Really cool for getting your sound out of the box. Has a nasty little filter, and the filter’s touch ribbon can also be used to send out midi cc’s for controlling other devices or your laptop or whatever. I usually work on sounds, run them into the su10 and run em back into my laptop and chop em up. love running super clean drums samples into it, and turning them into absolute filth.

  • Luis Hernández

    Mon! Teenage is over priced! Ridiculously expensive.

  • Michiel y Gil

    I love the Korg Monotribe a lot to be honest. Rather curious nothing of Korg is mentioned here (mono-series and/or Volca series). They’re a great bang for the buck and highly portable.

  • leavesremix

    What about the new Korg Volca series of synths? They are small, look super fun and aren’t too expensive.

    • Sara Simms

      This looks like it could be fun!

  • IanRaWdriguez

    The guys at Critter & Guitari make tiny synths like the pocket piano and the bolsa bass. sporting midi, i think theyre kinda neat, especially if size is an issue

    • Sara Simms

      Thanks for posting about these, this line looks really cool!

  • Dan White

    Field recorder is missing from this list. It’s probably the best source for new sounds you could ask for: well-recorded sounds from all around you. I’d recommend the Zoom H4N: http://www.zoom.co.jp/products/h4n/

    • Sara Simms

      Great suggestion Dan!

    • Dee

      Is Zoom H2N similar? I have one. Really good if so :))

      • Feroxz

        Even the Zoom H1 has amazing audio quality and enough options for the standard stereo recordings. The plastic casing is a bit cheap though.

    • oscar

      A better version of this just got released with better quality pre amps and more features. It’s called the Zoom H6

  • eFrigid

    I love taking my beat thang everywhere! It has everything I need on the go. The weight and design to probably decapitate a person if thrown properly. The durability to fall on the concrete after that and still work. It has banks on banks on banks, on top of tracks on tracks on tracks.

    • eFrigid

      Great night light as well

  • Pierre

    Korg nano series (except nanokey) , perfect for train and stuff !

  • Polygon

    I honestly think the OP-1 is a complete ripoff. Those who bought it bought it either because
    1) they saw it in the SHM video
    2)They are non-musician hipsters who had $850 casually laying around the house and wanted to have something their equally-hipstery friends didn’t.

    • I disagree. The OP-1 is pretty sweet. I would get one but prefer a grid/drum pad layout

    • chompy

      op-1 is great.

      there’s not really anything out there like it and they make them in small batches by hand in sweden. there’s not really any way you can get the price down on a boutique electronic product like that other than send production to china.

      there’s quality control issues though, the internal mic seems to have broken on a quarter of units. they are good about honoring warranty though, but since they are swedes they are kind of uncommunicative during the repair process.

  • 031999

    the “thingmagoop” looks kinda useless unless you want to recreate some 1950’s monster movie sounds….. or rerecord the original DR Who theme song….

    • Marquee mark

      Who wouldn’t want to do that??

      • Sara Simms

        I added the ‘thingamagoop’ in to this list because I thought all the DJTT readers might think it was a fun piece of gear to use! 😉

        • technicaltitch

          One of the samples in the original Dr Who theme song was the sound of a metal ash tray being spun on a table.

  • chris

    i like the “nearfield” monitor from genelec. they are very fine in sound and big in sound. and for travelling “perfect”. i think genelec ist the smallest tallest 😉 in this category of good speakers.

    actually i use Fostex. they are big enough for Monitoring and large enough to sound to a bigger room.

    (better i say nothing about Beolab 5)

    • Sara Simms

      You’re absolutely right about the Genelec’s, they are great monitors! 🙂

  • Nothing on the QuNeo nor the MIDI Fighter?

    • Blatter Seb

      studio tools, not midi controllers.

      • MIDI controllers are not studio tools?

        • I think it is more of producing away from your DAW. The QuNeo and Midi Fighter, separate from a computer can’t create a track, these items, except for the speakers can. That is the difference. Portable studio tools, not controllers for a DAW.

          • MPC Studio and Maschine cannot operate sans computer.

          • You have me there. I did gloss over that. Good catch.

        • Blatter Seb

          sorry babe.

  • David Talon

    i feel like the Focusrite VRM box is a great tool that is under $100.

    if you have a decent pair of headphones ($200+ studio use headphones) then the vrm box will emulate multiple types of monitors.

  • Bob Hodbod

    If you can survive without external controllers, then just an iPad is all you need especially with Audiobus to connect apps together.

    If you need to add controllers, then there’s the Launchpad Mini, Akai MPC Fly, Akai Mini MPK and Korg Nano Controllers.

    And dont forget Traktor DJ + Z1 for working on your next dj set and setting cue points for new tracks.

    • deejae snafu

      The iMpc app let me down as it only allows u to make 4 tracks per song..and there’s no filing system for sequences so all of your song sequences are kept in the same folder, which gets confusing once u have a lot of beats made. I’d be hard pressed to invest money in a controller for this app. Beatmaker 2 is by far the most useful beat making app I’ve tried so far as it allows audiobus integration and u can even set up a midi fighter for drumming!

      • Yeah your right the iMPC app is wack as shit, but apparently the new Pro version fixes this with higher track counts and more features like their proper software.

        The MPC Studio though is dope!
        I’m an old school vinyl and MPC guy. So DVS and an MPC Studio gives me the best of both worlds, 21st Century tech and old school feel.

        Honesty, Traktor/MPC/ProTools I don’t need anything else. Want yes, but don’t need.

    • Sara Simms

      Good suggestions here! Thanks for reminding us all about Traktor DJ app and the Z1, these are both great tools for preparing and performing sets.

    • Elliott Kim

      I like the Akai LPK25 much bett than the Korg Nano aeries. Better key action and the built in arpeggiator is useful. Audiobus is as essential for iOS as cables are for your home studio!