• markEg

    touchOSC – Sorry but it takes hardly any time to install a tsi file mapped to run as a Traktor Pro 2.5+ controller – and to boot, you get a midi-fighter thrown in…

  • Fallen

    Dj player is still the champ when it comes to ipad dj apps that have midi mapping. Enough of this locking down the midi mapping stuff.

    If dj player would add better LED feedback it would be perfect!

  • Mark Dan Raboy

    I tested it with my Numark Mixtrack Pro, app is great works well on iPad, however there are times that the sound output from Mixtrack Pro are cut out. Anyone experience this? Im using Camera Connection kit and a powered USB Hub.

  • onitoba sensei

    Works very well as a standalone app.
    I was however very curious about seeing it working with my Numark Mixtrack Pro 2 I recently bought, so I got the MIDI in-app and I have to say that it is very good. Not perfect tho, but it is normal since the capabilities of an iPad with non-native controlles are limited. Conclusion : extremely good value and extremely enjoyable to mix with an iPad !!!!!!

    • Gábor

      Please explain this, i don’t understand:

      “since the capabilities of an iPad with non-native controlles are limited”

  • Tony

    My WeGo has now a new friend 🙂 Thanx!!