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Cross DJ Now Syncs To Rekordbox

At the tail end of last week, Mixvibes announced that their desktop version of Cross DJ now has complete synchronization into Pioneer’s Rekordbox software – which to many comes as no surprise considering that Pioneer’s software is actually coded and produced by the Mixvibes team.

With the software, DJs using Cross DJ can push all of the changes they make in the desktop software into Rekordbox, including cues, playlists, and beatgrids, and then push that data out to a USB key. This makes Cross DJ the only software to allow this type of direct syncing into Rekordbox – although there are some 3rd party tools that allow Traktor and Serato users to do the same with their collection.

We did note that there’s no mention of a reverse sync – it would be awesome to see changes that you make on-the-fly in the club then come back across into Rekordbox and ultimately sync with Cross DJ again.

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  • Bernd Niedergesaess

    I just tested MixVibes Cross 3.0 (the full version). Summary: the Rekordbox Sync is far from perfect – since it is effectively a one-way sync only from Cross to Rekordbox!
    Why do you really need a Sync? The main reason for ALL users is, that they want to use only ONE system to maintain, organize and manage their tracks, playlists, meta-data, cue-points, beatgrids etc.
    DJs do NOT want to use 2 or more systems in parallel and do all the work again and again and even spend hours just to ensure, that these 2 or 3 systems are up-to-date and in sync 😉
    For Traktor uses (and I am still one as well, but in parallel I am also using Rekordbox) it was so promising to have a real sync. Why? Two reasons:
    a) The playlist management of Rekordbox is better than the one in Traktor.
    b) I am enforced to use Rekordbox if I want to use the new features of the new CDjs (e.g. when not DJing with Traktor in a club, but natively with CDJs)
    So I was willing to even switch from Traktor to Cross – just because of the promised sync!
    But after my tests, I am not willing anymore (as of today)!
    Why? Here are the main reasons:
    1) Cross does NOT support the dynamic beatgrid mode Rekordbox supports!
    As such the 2 systems (Cross and Rekordbox) are as incompatible as Traktor and Rekordbox are.
    Meaning, if you are using the dynamic beatgrid in Rekordbox (which is so nice with e.g. older Funk or Soul tracks which have been played by human drummers) you loose it after the sync!
    Sorry, but I really do not understand this, as MixVibes developed both tools (Cross and Rekordbox)!
    2) Re-sync from Rekordbox to Cross:
    Theoretically you can do as suggested above (export the Rekordbox lib and import it as a 3rd party lib back into Cross.
    But sorry, that is not a real option – you are kind of ‘re-creating’ your entire Cross library every time, you are loosing all the beatgrid data from Rekordbox and would have to analyze/beatgrid all the tracks again within Cross…
    That is no real two-way sync…and hey, the ‘Rekord Buddy’ tool for Traktor offers a better two-way sync!
    So Cross would have to implement the following in order to be ahead of Traktor:
    – offer a real two-way sync or better use the SAME library collection!
    – support the dynamic beatgrid mode

  • djfreesoul

    Did that DJ just skate to the party? How hip. I usually take a taxi… 🙂

  • ClaytonKimber

    There is reverse sync. You have to export your rekordbox, and “import 3rd party database” in cross. The Cross >> Rekordbox sync is completely automatic though, as cross can export it’s collection to rekordbox on press, or after each session. Then you can open up your whole library in rekordbox, similar to how iTunes sync works in rekordbox.

  • Steve

    Just checked on the free version of cross DJ, you can import a rekordbox library into cross, its not quite as smooth as hitting sync, but all you need to do is:
    1) in rekordbox go: ‘file -> export playlist information’

    2) save the library somewhere on your hard drive
    3) in rekordbox go ‘file -> import third party database’
    4) Select the library file from rekordbox that you saved

  • Joe Carroll

    How about a link to those 3rd party sync apps for Rekordbox >Traktor ?