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Mixed In Key Teases New DJ Software

The team behind Mixed In Key today released a simple image teaser on their Facebook page announcing a brand new foray out of the third-party utility world and into the DJ software world. Details are very slim so far, but here’s what we know so far:

  • Full MIDI controller support in the beta, CDJ HID support is on the roadmap
  • Software licenses will work cross-platform (only need to purchase one)
  • The invite-only beta will open to 500 invitees in a few days
  • Mixed in Key’s energy and key detection will be built into the software
  • Unique beat grids: the beat gridding system is apparently “not like Serato or Traktor, even though it looks like a two deck DJ app. We did something very different”

From the speculation side, any DJ software that Mixed In Key makes is likely to also have Platinum Notes built into it to improve the quality and gain of the files you’re mixing – thus the emphasis on “helping you sound amazing” in the banner announcement below. Perhaps that explains why certain parts of the track are highlighted blue – some kind of dynamic gain adjustment? Let us know your own speculation in the comments below.

Mixed In Key-First-Look

We’ll continue to follow the announcement from Mixed In Key as it evolves – look for an interview and full announcement in the next few days or early next week.

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  • Craig Barrett

    I’m certainly interested to see it and try it out, but I don’t know that I’d be in a hurry to ditch Traktor. Who knows, perhaps this will offer something that one just doesn’t find in Traktor, something that makes the switch worth it.

    I do have issues with the UI of MIK (I’ve not tried Platinum Notes or Mashup thus far) that have me wondering if similar UI issues will arise here. On the flip side, when I’ve contacted MIK about problems I’m having, MIK have gotten back to me and done what they can to help out. When I’ve pointed out flaws in Traktor to NI (yo, when I sample from a deck the grid on the sample should match the deck so they’re in sync, not be recalculated resulting in phasing unless I keep them in time manually), crickets chirp…. And Traktor has its own UI issues.

    I’m keen to see what the guys at MIK bring to this party.f

  • DJ Boss

    I use MIK as an additional DJ tool. I like the fact that sound quality is seen as a priority and welcome input into the DJ software market from Yakov. The one downside to MIk is the lack of real compatibility with the best sounding digital files, ie .waf and .aiff. Lets see what the total package entails and then decide, but I’d be involved if sound quality is seen as more important than multiple decks and loads of effects.
    As far as paying for music software… of course I will. It will always be less costly than 1210’s and new cartridges every 6 months!

  • markEg

    Aaaah, the Mixed in Key software – now after persevering, can honestly say my sets have improved exponentially and I couldn’t live without the software – harmonic mixing has changed the whole way I looked at building sets

  • allstar720

    I wish they would update Mashup aleady. We should be able to manually warp tracks like Ableton. I hate the way tracks speed up all crazy during breakdowns.

    • Chad

      We are working on Mashup as well, the 2.0 version has a lot of work done on it already. The problem you are describing is caused by an incorrectly detected tempo change. It can be easily fixed simply by entering the BPM of the song at its original tempo in manually on the track controls to override dynamic tempo adjustments.

      • allstar720

        Thank you. I feel that it’s just a few options away from being a perfect poor man’s Ableton.

      • allstar720

        Thanks for that tip. That became part of my workflow after I first read your reply and the problem never happened again.

  • intergalactrix

    What’s highlighted in blue is the part of the sample you hear?? Do I get some kind of prize if I am right?

  • Erik Airrik Dale

    Hmm from the looks of it the blue sections might actually be multiple beat grids! So having the ability to change the beat grid for sections that dont fall under the original tempo

    • markEg

      thats what I was looking at too

  • Wildr_Kids

    Some similarities to MixMeister products that used to use the MIK key detection some years ago before being sold on to Numark and all but being abandoned….

  • wait and see

    Yakov I need to speak with you what’s a good contact email for you?

    • Yakov

      yakov at

  • Ben Robinson

    i want to know more

  • Brettski

    Very Iiiiiiiiiiinteresting… as a long time Traktor user I am ready to look around for alternatives. Perhaps one day Traktor will decide which market it is in (software or hardware) – in the meantime I for one am fed up with losing value on their expensive controllers due to their constant re-invention of the same basic article. Bring it on! I wonder if the MIK solution will read Ableton codes?

    • Yakov

      Berttski, our software analyzes everything from scratch, so it won’t import Ableton warping. It won’t need it. -Yakov

      • DJ Rapture

        Any chance for remix features getting in there? Say, Ableton or MPC style samplers, or built in MIDI sequencers for controlling external synths?

        • Valentino St-Pierre

          That would be really cool, why are we so limited to 4 channels in dj software.

      • Brettski

        Thanks Yakov.
        Would love to beta…

  • Tremaine McCants

    i mean, im down to try this out. ive been using Virtual DJ and Tractor for a while. maybe this will work out.

    • markEg

      Give serato a try… seriously – best of both words, of Traktor < 2..5 and VDJ with s ase of use coupled with Traktors multitude of settings

  • Jim

    Not sure why some people hate MIK, they seem cool and their product was always good. Sure, they charged for it, but not sure why everything should be free these days. Looking forward to this.

    • Yakov

      I think in general, people really enjoy Mixed In Key. We tried to make DJing a little bit more musical and harmonic compared with 2000-2005. This app is a natural evolution of our goals: to make DJing really fun and exciting, but also make it sound perfect. -Yakov

      • Morris Summers

        oh the man himself 😉

      • junglemonkey

        I would be more interested in improving MiK, like improving the UI responsiveness, particularly when dealing with collections > 10,000 songs, and incorporating more MP3 tag editing for song prep. I would totally pay $50 for a better MiK! Please take my money! But honestly, I’m not going to stop using Traktor to try this. There’s no incentive.

      • markEg

        Yakov – where can I speak with you more about MiK ?

        • Chad

          You can always send us an email at

          • UoPoko

            I wonder if MiK will be supporting the Numark NS7 (or it’s brand new baby brother with those awesome Akai pads).

      • UoPoko

        Support for NS7’s motorized decks???

  • Valentino St-Pierre

    It will probably cost under 150…

    • markEg

      around 85 IIRC – maybe just hearsay though

      • Valentino St-Pierre

        I just 85 is too cheap imo, MIK is 50 dollars alone, Serato DJ is cheapest full DJ software at 120 right now,

  • MidVinter

    It would be cool and sending messages over the planet, IF we, the customers of, mixed in key, Mashup and Platinum notes, got this for FREE, as a token of good will, faith and loyal support. but i guess that will never happen!

    Heck you even got to pay for the updates!

    • Disorganized

      So let me get this straight. Multiple people spend hundreds and hundreds of man hours designing something complicated and fantastic. Something that you could never create by yourself. And you want it for free?

      Please excuse yourself from all civil discourse immediately.

    • markEg

      do you ?

      i dont – pay for the updates that is !!

  • Mazlow

    If it can analyze the music in greater detail (breaks, builds, etc) will it be able to automate mixing music all together?

    • Valentino St-Pierre

      No because a machine will never have ears.

      • Mazlow


        • Valentino St-Pierre

          What do you mean recorder?

          • Mazlow

            Audio recorder being the ears to a cpu.

          • Valentino St-Pierre

            That makes no sense. because its not going to perfectly eq in and out mixes, because there are no defined rules mostly done by ear.

          • Mazlow

            Totally agree, however, it isn’t such a stretch to program basic EQ techniques.

            For example:

            Analyze song >>
            Track frequencies below 300hz >>
            Cut the low on the EQ >>
            Overlap 32 bars to mix in new tune.

            All the while using the existingg camelot system to match keys and build moment with energy progression.

            Somewhat rudimentary but nevertheless, worth implementing into a playlist engine or something.

          • Valentino St-Pierre

            Yeah but thats ridiculous.

          • Mazlow

            No more ridiculous than asking your phone to schedule your appointments, route your destinations, and make your calls. Hands-free, of course.

            Hell, there’s software that can analyze classical music and compose new material in the old masters styles.


            So yeah, only a matter of time.

          • Valentino St-Pierre

            Not only a matter of time, even automatic beat match sync doesn’t work properly. Half the time you sync on any gear tracks still need nudging. Just let it go, a machine will never replace a DJ.

      • Louis

        never say never

        • Valentino St-Pierre


          • Mutis Mayfield

            I see myself something like the tchnology described in the reply years ago at Barcelona hack music day and it was coded in 48 h hackaton by students… So, sorry but its done (I don’t know if it is in the MIK app but it could be, sure)

            In other hand this is not the final of dijing same as midi wasn’t the final of composition (and we have arppregiators, swarzonators and other tools which make music fun and only boring if the “person” is a fool…)

          • Valentino St-Pierre

            Yeah but it still wont sound as good as somebody doing it manually. Because it cant hear what is going on, just like machines cant smell or taste.

          • Mutis Mayfield

            Did you saw it at hack day?

          • Valentino St-Pierre

            No I didn’t but I don’t believe in it anyways, im a better DJ then ANY MACHINE or ANY HACK will EVER BE.

          • Mutis Mayfield

            Believe or not is irrelevant to FACTS.

            In other hand, maybe you hope screaming will make it FALSE or TRUE and even worst… An obligation!

            Use it or not but don’t lie yourself and scream to others, please.

  • The CrowdBoy

    soooooo….. this is going to cost like over 9000??