• sammsousa

    really nice! the only thing is that lots of tracks are as free downloads, but you have to hit the buy button, to access its download, it would be great if those would apear on the download list aswell, but i guess there is know way of mixyard knowing that, other then that this is a great tool!

  • DJ TOC

    Nice, but as a friend pointed out, no way to opt out!!

    • Shootingcube

      If by opt out, you mean revoke Mixyard’s access to your Soundcloud account, then that can be done from in your account settings on Soundcloud

    • the_tli

      Author here. Thanks! You raised a good point, I missed to add the log out feature but now updated it. You can find the Log out option in the Drop down menu.

  • Oliver Force

    Simple & effective! 🙂