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  • Brian Kilburn

    Amazing article, very insightful!! I’m helping out a band that is looking to find youtube promoters for more classic rock. I know this article is focused on EDM/ Electronic but would you know any other youtube promoters for different genres of music? Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks- BK

  • Amy Lynn
  • Volodia Kolvakh

    Hi. Here is another channel promoting fresh blood in Ukraine and Russia:

    In particular, if you come to Kiev, you will be amazed how techno scene developed over the last few years.

  • I think this is a valuable information for upcoming talents. Great post

  • A very informative article. thanks for this 🙂

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  • Emiliano Galván

    Hi there. Excelent post!
    Sombody knows about Techno/Deep House/Progressive Promo Channels?

  • Datson

    Hi Budi excellent post
    a youtube channel sent me an email with a form that
    i should sign in order to promote my music

    form > http://i.imgur.com/37oU8wT.png
    will i lose the rights to my track?
    will i lose the rights to upload myself the track in my own channel later on for profit or any other promotional youtube channels?

    or is this form fine only for them to prevent me from suing them or whatever?
    i had my music released and it is according to my distributor in youtube key music will this form gonna interfere with my profits there?

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    I have to admit Budi has got it right about the submissions. Streaming links are a must and it’s almost impossible to get through all submissions everyday..

  • 3rram

    what if your youtube channel, facebook page, twitter or your soundcloud page are not that populair with followers and stuff. Does promoters look at such things?

    • Of course. Promoters will likely first judge your music, but also judge your visuals and the overall audience you’ve built. They are more likely to get more plays by supporting artists that have bigger audiences.

  • Very well written mate!

  • It’s a secret

    I am a music promoter on youtube and I have a channel with just about 100 subscribers ( the channel is 40 days old ). I was wondering if you have any tips on growing the channel, because my videos aren’t getting any views.

  • Kutmaster TeeOh

    EDM, EDM, EDM, EDM…. jeez. I spin multiple genres but gets a bit old hearing everything that’s EDM based. Any new reggae or hiphop producers? Any new producer techniques? Software? What about scratch or battle DJs? DJs should know about all aspects of the art.

  • P

    I just stuck in the new Majestic CD onto my iTunes and was wondering how talked about it all was on the internet 😛 came across this article, thoroughly enjoyed, That is all 😛
    Personal Favourite Channels: Majestic, Going quantum, Eton messy, TheSoundYouNeed, UKF….Nothing new there 😛 been subbed to Quantum since their first Podcast and majestic since my mate showed me an XX remix and considering my distaste towards the XX i loved it and needed me some more awesome 😛 Sick article 🙂

  • Justin Waters

    What if the youtube channel promoters found out you were sending emails out to 100+ other channels? Especially, the EDM Network, because they communicate with each other. I’m just asking because I’m curious.. They could put you on some sort of black list or something.. What if your song gets posted more than once? Does that happen often? Great article btw!!

    • They don’t mind, as long as you don’t double-cross your offers on exclusives and premieres. Those should be offered to a single party only.

      As for The EDM Network, they have a number of top-level content curators that upload to the majority of channels. So if you’re in touch with them, you do not need to worry of creating conflicting interests.

  • Alex

    It would be great if you could write a sub-article on using Mailchimp and other email services to send out your tracks more efficiently

    • Good tip – will keep that in mind for future writing.

  • Trap City

    Wonderful article! Loved reading it and I could relate to everything.
    But you should’ve added one extra paragraph in “the mindset of a Music Channel Promoter”… and that is that young producers should stop mentioning that they are only 14 years old and how they just started out producing 2 months ago. 🙂 haha

    • Budi Voogt

      Glad to hear that man.

      Note taken, might add that in 🙂

  • NeoSylvain

    Only regular way to be promoted long term is to produce a videoclip. Then you can get on specialized channels such as Djing.com

  • Vince

    I’ve been noticing my favorite EDM promoters like Monstercat/Tasty/Proximity now have extremely similar logos, with the round colored template. Is this the new way to say “I’m an EDM promoter”?

    • Budi Voogt

      No, it’s the logo used to signify membership with the Edm District network. I’ve explained what it is in the article.

  • Peter

    Very helpful article, Budi. I like your blog, too, and look forward to learning more from you.

    Do you happen to know any channels besides Funky Panda that promote funky house, disco house and french house?

    • Try MA Dance. Another good approach to finding channels that promote this genre, is to search on YouTube for relevant acts that make that style.

  • delirious

    i have another one tipp

    you need some feedback from friends first.
    but this feedback from friends can be a shot back.
    And if friends gives you a bad response – this is not the end. Never.

    One friend is never the whole world

    • Budi Voogt

      Sure, friends could give good feedback, particularly if they’re producers. However, be wary of the yes-sayers who will just say anything to please you.

      My preference would be to get some opinions on your tracks from friends, but more importantly of people who curate and create music that you respect, and have some distance to. They’ll give you the hardest truth.

  • Mannequin

    Thanks Budi & DJTT! Love the article. Can’t wait to start using this advice. I have been taking a similar approach, but the technical detail nearly word for word regarding contacting labels you included is absolutely critical to getting a channels attention if you have good enough music. <3

    • Budi Voogt

      You’re totally welcome man. If you’re precise and persistent with this approach, you should definitely see some results 🙂

      • Mozzy

        Haha, well you’re channel is on my Radar, so get ready for a lovely remix soon 😉

  • Snipaz

    Great article. I have a couple questions. You mention producers and remixers should ensure they have the rights or permission to post their songs that include samples from the artists or companies who own the originals.

    My questions are:
    1) Do channels like Majestic Casual REALLY only post songs that have approved samples?
    2) Can you create an article that talks about where and how someone obtains approval to sample or remix songs? I find a lot blog posts mention that “you have to obtain rights” but I can’t find a lot of helpful articles that provide direction on HOW to obtain rights. Any pointers would be appreciated. P.S. I understand there are probably many ways of doing this, but any guidance will help.

    • Budi Voogt

      Thanks Snipaz. Here’s your answers:

      1) The bigger channels usually care less about having fully cleared content than the smaller ones, as the rights holders are often inclined to be ‘ok’ with an upload, simply for the exposure it offers. On the flipside, these biggers channels are typically partnered with YouTube networks, which help monetize their content. Those tend to be strictly against using uncleared content.

      2) In the industry, this is a practice called ‘clearing’. Basically, you have to find the person responsible for exploiting the rights, and obtain their permission to use them. Often, these are either record labels and publishers.

      The traditional approach would be to either pay a flat-fee to buy off the royalties, and get a permission, or get permission in exchange for a pro-rate chunk of royalties on your music.

      Huge artists tend to not let anyone play around with their intellectual property though, as it often results to their brand being diluted.

      As for remixes, official permission should be granted from the master rights holder, which often is the label. They can issue the particular stems from the original artist, or give you permission to sample from the original track. In exchange, they get a percentage of royalties (which in turn the original artist gets a part of too).

      I might do a full write-up about this, and how to best approach this in the future. Hope this helps though!

  • Does anyone know any good channels for Deep House? I could only find one’s with less than a couple of thousand subscribers.

    • Budi Voogt

      Definitely, try: Mr. Deep Sense, Eton Messy and Subsoul. From there you should be able to find plenty of related channels through YouTube’s recommendation system.

    • Jord An

      SoundAmigo is good

      • Budi Voogt

        Wasn’t familiar with them actually. Thanks for the heads up 🙂

    • Edouard

      Songs 4 Today – Tends to be more and more Tropical House focussed though. Still love it 😉 http://www.youtube.com/MrSongs4Today

  • killmedj

    This is a SUPER helpful article thanks guys, definitely got the grey matter working =)

    • Budi Voogt

      You’re welcome!

  • Zento

    Given the power that radio currently has over record sales, the up and coming producer/promoter/label would do very well to begin making inroads into what will surely become the dominant “radio” in coming years. Great article!

    • Budi Voogt

      Agreed, and you’re welcome 🙂

  • John

    I’m pretty sure that email should say “I hope you’re doing well.” It isn’t THAT big of a deal, but you probably want to come off as professional when you are networking.

    • Dan White

      I mean, we should hope that the promoter is doing good. Not sure I want to submit tracks to someone who is doing evil.

      Good eye, though.

  • Budi Voogt

    Humbled to have my content posted here. Thanks guys!

    For anyone that has questions, ask away. I’ll answer to my best abilities 🙂

    • Budi Voogt

      To add to the article, for some of the more influential promoters, you can look at EDM District’s brand ambassadors:

      Going Quantum
      Trap City
      Trap and Bass
      Tasty Network
      Underground Dubstep
      Nik Cooper
      Funky Panda
      Spread The Jams

    • yorapper

      That’s a very in-depth and helpful piece bro to aspiring artists.

      • Budi Voogt


    • Kira

      How can one start an edm promotion channel?What are the requirements and what can one do to build up a views from scratch?