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Resident Advisor’s Top 100 DJ List + Videos Of Each

For interesting and compelling performing DJs, the DJ Mag top 100 list is best avoided. The Resident Advisor top 100 list always seems to ring a bit more true, with a passionate global community voting on a top list of “the best” of 2013. It’s a hard poll to rig, with only registered users on RA allowed to participate, and only three days to vote in the poll. That being said, RA tends to stay towards a more house / techno / garage set of performers who are underground – simply as a result of the community that the site caters to – but don’t expect to see too many drum and bass or hardstyle DJs on this list.

To make things interesting, we’re publishing the top ten here, with a recent live set recorded on video, so you can watch the top 10 perform below:

1. Dixon 

2. Tale Of Us 

3. Richie Hawtin

4. Ben Klock

5. Seth Troxler

6. Maceo Plex

7. Ricardo Villalobos

8. Loco Dice

9. Jamie Jones

10. Ben UFO

See the full top 100 on Resident Advisor

  • nik

    no nicolas jaar in NYC? that’s one of the sickest set in history of BR

  • Greg

    Ugh Resident Advisor has the most boring tastes in music.

  • Maxy

    sausagefest, what about the ladies?

  • Robert

    these lists are literally always useless. The one that actually does what it should is the Forbes one, since it’s about money and doesn’t try to be anything besides that. Objective data vs a corrupted fake popularity contest haha.

  • O

    ahhhh I saw Seths set at mint fest, memories coming flooding back to me. He had quite an early slot. It was his birthday so they cut the sound about half way into his set and brought out a cake and everyone sang happy birthday to him. Not the best set I had seen from Troxler but he deserved to be in the top 10 this year again for sure.

    • Oddie O’Phyle

      haven’t heard a set from him, but i’m lovin’ his production.

  • Oddie O’Phyle

    lol… kinda funny that a lot of the dj’s that i know from the list are better producers than they are dj’s. it’s nice to see a list that includes legends and pioneers like sven, ritchie and surgeon.

  • Nephew

    “For interesting and compelling performing DJs, the DJ Mag top 100 list is best avoided.” What are you trying to say exactly?

    • Hugh Lurcott

      perhaps that much of that list would fit better on the ‘Top 100 DJs i wish never existed’? Granted there is some talent in there. But most of the top half can hardly DJ and do not deserve ‘recognition’ in such a way.

      • Nephew

        “Everyone chooses “the best” in different ways,
        but the collective voice should tell us who was moving dance floors the
        most in 2013.”

        It’s not based on who is the most “technical DJ”, there’s more to DJing than that. Simple playing the right track at the right time will have more impact than any DJ trick ever could, and that’s where these guys excel at. Being able to program a set/night start to finish and having people leaving feeling like they actually experienced something as a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

        On that note, I had the chance to experience Tale of Us, Dixon and Joy Orbison all at the same party and I can’t remember the last time I a night move me so much.

        • Hugh

          surely you agree with me them! I didn’t say anything about technical flair, only that most of the top 10 do not really DJ in its essence. When Avicii goes on stage and mixes from track to track he never has a difficult decision over what to play because it is already decided, not necessarily by him but by the thousands of people wanting to here Levels, Wake me up, and all his other tracks. I personally don’t value the DJing they do at that level, whether or not that means they are an accomplished DJ. Armin Van Buuren for example i think i a brilliant DJ but he has a far easier job than DJ Nobody who’s trying to move the floor on a friday night in birmingham..