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Serato Remote Mini: iPhone + iPod Friendly

Serato has sliced down their iPad-only Serato Remote app to make it compatible with smaller iOS devices – including iPhones and iPods – and changed the name for these devices to Serato Remote Mini. Like it’s bigger brother, the app works in a low-latency wired mode as well as a slightly less instant wireless mode. The app’s controls allow for:

  • Library control: loading tracks, instant doubles
  • Set and trigger cuepoints + loops
  • Sample triggering
  • FX activation and manipulation
Loop Roll controls (top) and Library controls (bottom)
Loop Roll controls (top) and Library controls (bottom)

The app is capable of controlling Serato Scratch Live or DJ, and is fully featured for both. Serato Remote Mini is compatible for iOS devices running iOS 6.0 or later is also a fourth of the price at $4.99 / €4.49  available now in the iTunes App Store. See all of the features in an overview on Serato’s site.

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  • Tom Wenger

    when something like this but for traktor ?

    • Dan White

      Very good question – no signs of it yet, seems like they’ve been focusing more on developing Traktor DJ as a standalone mobile app.

      That being said, you could always make a TouchOSC mapping and get a lot of custom functionality on an iOS device:

      • Tom Wenger

        yeah i already did that ! but you can’t realy see the music you’re playing on the iphone, a good traktor remote could have a view of what’s playing (kinda like the itune remote but with dj stuff )