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Routine: DJ Seap Live Drumming + Ableton Push + Midi Fighter 3D

One of the most obvious places for controllerists to appear is behind a drum kit. Drummers have been working MIDI controllers into their rigs for over 20 years. Today we’re sharing a performance by a drummer, DJ Seap, who’s integrated an Ableton setup into a live performance drum routine. He writes:

“I’ve been working on creating a full “one man band” style #controllerism / Live Drumming / DJ show as an ongoing project quite a while now. Finally getting to the point where I have the gear worked out, the raw musical material, and the method (based in Ableton) […] Here is a little rehearsal video of one of my tunes arranged for live playability “Pizzo Discipline”.

In this video I’m using a minimal setup powered by Ableton Live with a DJ Tech Tools Midi Fighter 3D controlling a drum rack and effects, a Roland SPD-30 “Octopad” with a few extra triggers controlling a series of Ableton drum racks for the all drum parts, and an Akai Ableton Push to control clips and some effects. The full show will incorporate some acoustic drums with triggers but this is the portable setup, ready to hit anywhere.”

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  • Damien T

    Nice video I like the style.
    I did something similar but in a different genra on a Nord Drum.
    Let me know what you think:
    Here is the whole mix (just audio):

  • John Joseph

    Why are you guys posting something from 2014??….

  • Aken

    I’m not sure this is the best setup. He could simply do finger drumming and have his hands more free to play many more samples than he actually do.

    • Noisedisturbance

      I assume it’s just because he wants to do it from a drummers standpoint with actually playing Drums along with launching samples, Sort of like how KJ Sawka does it, and I am sure many others also. I thought it was rather cool how it was done, mind you I can agree with what you are saying I still believe it comes down to how he feels playing it.

    • How would finger drumming free up his hands for more sample triggering ? That makes no sense. If anything, he can do more because he’s also using his feet for bass drum notes. What you mean, is if he used his hands to play LOOPS, which he already IS doing. SMH. The lack of samples is not because he can’t play them with his hands, it’s because they are simply not there in the song.

  • djwheatgrass

    Old news, check out Lil Panda