• shonky

    managed to sit through half of the new features before that tune got the better of me and I did a Van Gogh 🙂

  • J Williams

    Until NI makes Maschine and Traktor sync in some sort of plugin/host relationship, I am done with them. I too purchased the MK2 unit couple months before the update and to charge an extra 99 for previous owners for the update is wrong. , Maschine is very capable of making beats or starting music ideas, buts its not a real daw, not even close. But Traktor and Maschine together(not that BS mdi clock sync crap) would be epic. And by the way NI, whats up with the video for vdjs. Serato, Virtual, Cross all have it. Stop being little girls and start listening to your customers.

    • decon

      This has been requested for a few years. Nothings happens, instead NI found a goldmine in teenager and gimmick apps.

      Oh and do I lol and cry at the same when NI talks of “simply import our samples from your iTunes library”.

  • VLF

    Yes, 2,1 is nice, no doibt but it’s still a baby-ware. Still in development one would hope. An automation track independent of scenes would be great, so sweps or reverb controls don’t die at the end of each scene.
    Samples loaded as sounds get renamed to “Sampler” and cannot be found by the software in the library.
    And the very annoying looping system whereby on note off a sample with a loop in it does not play through the tail end the sample but rather fades out the actual loop… Why?
    If the development goes on and every .x update brings so many changes and goodies, we are going to have a beast of a software soon.

  • Scott Frost

    I wish they would offer a discount ohm the 2.0 software, I bought MK2 and it came out a few months later, I am not opposed to paying for it, but $99 is quite a but more – $49 would have been a better price point. Just a thought.