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  • Jake Bergeson

    My guess is pioneer has a CDJ in the works with a moving platter (Just like a turntable) instead of a stationary one like the CDJ currently has. So in essence, it’ll be like a vinyl turn table but without the needle, and you never need to switch out the record. That would be the next evolution of things in my mind.

    • LoopCat

      I think denon or numark already have that don’t they?

      • Jake Bergeson

        Yeah but they suck. I’m talking about being implemented well to the point that they become standard in the DJ booth.

  • Oddie O’Phyle

    i love my 900’s, can’t wait to upgrade to the nexus in a couple years, when the pricedrops a bit.

  • Kevin

    ….this was fuggin awesome

  • People seem to forget that vinyl djs used to say using cdjs was “not really djing.” Now CD DJs say that about computer djs. I also loved when Paul Oakenfold said, “it’s important to embrace new technology” and then later he says, ” I will never use a laptop.” In my opinion the CDJ 2000 is pretty much a laptop in itself.

  • DubluW

    We’ll probably have a video in the next 20 years documenting Digital DJing….

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  • ????????

    of course Jazzy Jeff is knowen for rocking the cdj